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Friday, January 18, 2019

Description of App

Access TEN live television channels 24 hours per day, 7 days a week on EDGE, 3G, 4G, or WiFi.

Application features award-winning programming, children's TV shows, music videos, and much more! Channels available in English, Spanish, Farsi, Arabic, and Russian.

Video on demand includes thousands of shows and videos including popular Christian TV shows, uplifting teaching, movies, and more.



The world’s largest religious network and America's most watched faith channel. Inspirational programming that appeals to people in a wide variety of Protestant, Catholic and Messianic Jewish denominations. 

The Church Channel 

Where America Turns For Faith. Featuring some of the best church service programs from multiple denominations.


America's Premier Faith-based Youth Channel. Cutting edge programs and music videos for 13 to 29 year olds. 

Smile of a Child 

Where Faith is Fun for Kids. Entertainment and educational programming for pre-school to 12 years old, helping children develop positive social and spiritual skills. Smile of a Child brings the best moral and biblical teachings to children through fun and constructive television. 

TBN Enlace USA 

Bringing Faith to the Hispanic Community. The best inspirational programs from Latin America and the most popular programs from TBN, all in Spanish. 

Enlace Juvenil
Enlace Youth (Spanish)

TBN Nejat TV 

Reaching the Heart of the Middle East in the Farsi language. 

The Healing Channel 
Bringing Good News for the Middle East in the Arabic language.

TBN Russia
Offering Faith and Hope for the Whole Family (Russian)

Smile of a Child Russia
Offering Faith and Hope for Kids (Russian)



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Accessibility Comments

This app appears to be completely accessible and works well with VO.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.


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Submitted by Gary c on Tuesday, August 27, 2019

I’m having trouble figuring out the video controls for this app. I will describe what I have figured out so far in the hope that either it will be helpful for someone else, or that someone can explain better to me what’s going on.
When you open a video the screen that appears starts with an unlabeled button. this is followed Buy a button which says possible text and reads some other information on the screen. This is followed by a position percentage indicator which is identified as dimmed and adjustable, but which I can’t get to adjust. After this is something that says video title with the program length in minutes followed by the letter M, then the title of the series, then an up next button. By default, auto play is set to on, and play in background is set to off. These settings are on the profile tab. Currently the most reliable way I know to pause the program is to lock the iPhone or press the home button. I hope there is a better way, because I really want it to play in the background.
When you press the first, unlabeled, button, the screen changes. The second button appears to be the same as on the first screen, the third is video close, and the fourth (Usually last) is my list.VideoClose does close the video sometimes, maybe when the video has finished, but not while it is playing or paused. If you double tap video close or my list you can eventually get other buttons to appear: share, sync, iconRewind, iconPauseLarge, iconFastForward, iconSubtitles, icAirplay, and iconFullScreen. After these are current position/length and the position percentage indicator that indicates adjustable and is not dimmed. However, swiping down on this indicator decreases it by 10%, following that it stays the same or possibly decreases if you swipe quickly, but the position doesn’t change and when you return it has the original value. To get these buttons to appear, you have to press one of the visible buttons, such as video close, Share, or sync, possibly several times. Rewind doesn’t rewind, fast forward doesn’t seem to fast forward, pause pause is but you have to hit it several times, when it is replaced by play.
Good news! When you turn on play in background, it does play in the background, and the usual display does appear on the lock screen. The pause button there works. I still haven’t found a way to change the track position.
v5.100.2 (602), IOS 12.4 on iPhone SE.

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