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Sky+ is the ultimate way to discover and manage your entertainment so you can enjoy TV your way.


• TV GUIDE - Full seven day listings for all your Sky TV channels.
• REMOTE RECORD – Set your Sky+HD box to record your favourite TV programmes on the move.
• SERIES LINK –Record an entire TV series with a touch of button and don’t miss an episode again.
• SEARCH – Easily find the show or movies you’re looking for.
• HIGHLIGHTS – Our pick of the very best TV programmes available this week.
• OTHER AIRINGS – Quickly see when else a show is airing to help you avoid any clashes.
• RECOMMENDATIONS – View programmes you may also like.
• FAVOURITES – Create your own TV Guide, by saving your favourite channels.

And for all iOS users when connected to their Sky+HD box with the new Sky Guide box you also have the enhanced features:

• REMOTE CONTROL – Swipe to rewind, & fast forward, tap to pause / play what you’re watching on your TV. Swipe up or down to change channels, or if you know the channel number just type it in.
• PLANNER MANGEMENT - See and manage all your recordings in your Planner, view them by genre, add a series link or delete a programme you no longer want all without interrupting viewing on the TV. Once you’ve found a show you want, just press Watch and it will start playing on your TV.
• NEW TV GUIDE – Scroll through seven day listings, record a show or series and set reminders. The genre tabs will help you navigate quickly and just tap on a channel icon to tune your TV to that channel.
• IMPROVED SEARCH – Search for programmes in the TV listings as well as your Planner.

For iPad users only you also have:
• RECORDING HELP - When several programmes you want to record at once clash, the app will suggest a solution
• DISCOVER MORE - Actor and background info on shows, related news and live Twitter feed

Requirements -

To use the enhanced features you will need the new Sky Guide, a compatible Sky+HD box, and have your device and Sky+HD box connected to the same broadband network either with a wired or wireless connection. You do not need an HD subscription. Please see the Help section of the app for more details.

In order to use Remote Record you will need to register your Sky iD with the service at and simply follow the instructions. Please note that requests require 30 minutes notice before the start of recording.
Series Link is only available to customers with a compatible Sky+HD box.
All recordings are FREE, however mobile network and/or Wi-Fi charges may apply.

Help -
If you’re having issues with Remote Record or connecting the app to your Sky+HD box please refer to the help section and FAQ's in the app.
You can also drop us a line if you experience any problems. Our email address is

Sky’s privacy notice explains how Sky uses your information. You can view this notice at:

The terms and conditions have been amended to reflect the recent changes to the app. Please read them carefully before using the app.



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Apple Watch Support

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Accessibility Comments

AppleVis Editorial Team Note: The accessibility of this app has changed based on the comments for this app. If you find that the rating is incorrect please leave a comment below so that we may change it to correctly reflect the right rating. Original Poster Comment: works great with voiceover. couldn't beliee how easy it was to use.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads most page elements.

Button Labeling

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some accessibility issues with this app, but it can still be used if you are willing to tolerate these issues and learn how to work around them.

Other Comments

you have to have a sky ID to use this ap.


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Submitted by Peter Holdstock on Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Just my reply to Sky's last letter. Happy to hear your thoughts.
Dear Mr Rasul

Thank you for your letter dated 12 July which despite my prior request for it to be sent by email as I am blind and therefore unable to read a printed letter, I actually only received an email copy on 17 July and when speaking to your colleagues on the Priority Customer team only yesterday, a number of them confirmed that they had spoken to your team and as of yesterday the letter hadn’t been sent. I clarify this only for the purposes of keeping a full timeline of events).

I will do my best to cover points made in your letter in order;
• “we do not intend in this letter to reply directly to all of your allegations against Sky,” – will I receive a further reply re my other issues or is there good reason why you are not able to address these?
• “We understand that your core concern is to be involved with Sky’s continued development of features and services (in particular relating to Sky Q) to improve the quality of service Sky offers to its blind and partially sighted customers.“ – This was not my core concern at all and my enthusiasm to be able to assist with addressing accessibility issues on the Sky platform was purely to support Sky as a typical blind user of the system and for me not to seem like someone criticising without showing a willingness to aid the changes needed.
• “In particular, we are making certain functionality of the Sky Q Multiscreen subscription available without additional charge for our blind customers, so that they may properly navigate a list of their Sky+ recordings via the Sky Q app.” – Genius idea, who came up with that? That would be my idea and for six months I asked for this and despite asking for it as a reasonable adjustment staff on both the Accessibility team and the Priority Customer team insisted that it would not be possible. Even when I attempted to make a complaint, an Accessibility team manager (Careon) replied on 8 May by email making it quite clear “this is Sky’s position on the matter” and giving me the impression that this position would not change. – This is the failure to make a reasonable adjustment. I acknowledge that it may not have been obvious for Sky to anticipate that such an adjustment would help, but once I requested this as an adjustment Sky cannot claim that it wasn’t reasonable for them to know this.
• “In addition, we will be providing greater awareness to our customers of the Voice Search and Voice Control button on the Sky Q remote control.” – I mentioned the issue of Voice Recognition and the problem of silent messages appearing on the screen which then stop Voice Recognition and other remote functions from working. I suggested a simple bleep to let the user know some kind of interaction is needed would be helpful. No mention of this and this could make Voice Recognition an unsuitable option for those completely blind and less technically minded.
• In regard to your invitation to come to your offices, meet the product teams etc, I would very much like to accept that offer and I look forward to hearing from someone to arrange this.
• In regard to a refund of my Sky Q Multiroom subscription, while I am grateful for this, I am disappointed that no offer of reasonable compensation for the significant stress, use of my time (literally tens of hours), the impact of offensive statements made by Sky employees directly relating to my request for a reasonable adjustment due to my disability such as “well you chose to have Sky and other services are available” and “Why would we give you Sky Multiroom for free when we wouldn’t do it for anyone else”. The latter statement came from a manager on the Accessibility team which I feel makes it even worse. Indeed, to make matters worse there was no reference to these allegations in your reply. Did anyone actually listen to the phone calls as I suggested? Do they still exist or has the length of time passed meant that they have been deleted?

Also, how does Sky intend to make blind customers aware of this offer and will the offer be backdated as you have for me?

I appreciate there are several points you may want to come back to clarify and so I’m open to still communicating and attempting to resolve this matter. However, in the meantime I will be escalating my case to CISAS as I feel they will be better placed to get to the bottom of some of my concerns and make an appropriate and independent judgement.

Given the lengthy nature of this process so far, I would kindly request a reply by email within seven days from my sending this email.

Kind regards


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