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Description of App

Mango Languages creates lovable language-learning experiences for language fanatics worldwide. With our iOS app, you'll have access to over 60 foreign-language courses and 17 English courses taught in the native language of the user. Each Mango lesson incorporates the four key conversational components crucial for successful communication: vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and culture.

To begin your learning experience with Mango, just log in with your Mango username and password. Not a Mango learner yet? Search within our app to see if your local library provides Mango and login with your library-card number to get started.

Available courses for English speakers:
• Arabic (Egyptian)
• Arabic (Levantine)
• Arabic (Modern Standard)
• Armenian
• Azerbaijani
• Bengali
• Chinese (Mandarin)
• Croatian
• Czech
• Cherokee
• Danish
• Dari
• Dutch
• Farsi (Persian)
• Finnish
• French
• French (Canadian)
• German
• Greek
• Greek (Ancient)
• Greek (Koine)
• Haitian Creole
• Hawaiian
• Hebrew
• Hebrew (Biblical)
• Hindi
• Hungarian
• Icelandic
• Indonesian
• Irish
• Italian
• Japanese
• Kazakh
• Korean
• Latin
• Malay
• Malayalam
• Norwegian
• Pashto
• Polish
• Portuguese (Brazil)
• Punjabi
• Romanian
• Russian
• Scottish Gaelic
• Serbian
• Slovak
• Spanish (Latin America)
• Spanish (Castillian)
• Swahili
• Swedish
• Tagalog
• Tamil
• Telugu
• Thai
• Turkish
• Ukrainian
• Urdu
• Vietnamese
• Yiddish

Available English courses:
• English for Arabic (Egyptian) Speakers
• English for Arabic (MSA) Speakers
• English for Armenian Speakers
• English for Chinese (Cantonese) Speakers
• English for Chinese (Mandarin) Speakers
• English for French Speakers
• English for German Speakers
• English for Greek Speakers
• English for Italian Speakers
• English for Japanese Speakers
• English for Korean Speakers
• English for Polish Speakers
• English for Portuguese (Brazilian) Speakers
• English for Russian Speakers
• English for Spanish (Latin American) Speakers
• English for Turkish Speakers
• English for Vietnamese Speakers

Available speciality courses:

For the festive:
Carnival of Venice (Italian)
Flamenco (Castilian Spanish)
Horse Race of Siena (Italian)
St. Patrick’s Day (Irish)

For the foodie:
Oktoberfest (German)
Wine & Cheese (French)

For the learner:
English Loanwords (Japanese)
Mimetic Words (Japanese)
Slang (French Argot, Russian)
Texting (Spanish, ESL Spanish)

For the playful:
Feng Shui (Mandarin Chinese)
Slang (Russian)
Soccer (Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish)
Superstitions (Arabic MSA, Russian)
Texting (Spanish, ESL Spanish)
Zodiac (Mandarin Chinese)

For the professional:
Hospitality & Tourism (Brazilian Portuguese)
Legalese (Spanish)
Medical (Spanish)
Spanish for Librarians

For the romantic:
Etiquette (Arabic MSA)
Romantic Introductions (French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese)

For the religious:
Koine Greek
Biblical Hebrew

For the scholarly:
Ancient Greek
Endangered Languages (Tuvan)

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Accessibility Comments

I was researching language apps. I have used duo lingo, innovative languages, and a few others. But none of them gave me exactly what I was looking for. I am not sure how I stumbled on mango languages but I fell in love with it immediately. At the time it had a few accessibility issues that made it a little difficult to use. I did not contact mango to ask that these be fixed. But I think someone may have because I just got an update notification. I read in the notes for the update that they are working on making mango work with voiceover better. I thought ok let's see what they have done. The app is much improved. Its a lot easier to go from slide to slide and work with each slide as long as you want or need before moving on. From what I can tell everything is clearly labelled and easy to get too and navigate through. As I have no sight at all I can't tell whether there are still unlabeled items on the screen or not. But everything is there that you must have access to to learn a language. Please feel free to comment below in the comments section to correct any oversights I might have missed.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments

Please note that you can get some material free (usually the first lesson or so) just enough to help you understand how the app works.

If you want more you will either have to get a library card from your local library and use your library card to log in if your library supports mango languages. Or you will have to subscribe to mango languages monthly or yearly subscription fee.

As stated above this is the best app I have found for language learning. I like the others. But there is something about this app that just grabs me all the time. I have actually subscribed to the monthly subscription myself.

If your library does support mango languages and you sign in through ere. It may be good to know that you will get whatever your library provides on a particular language. That may or may not be all the lessons and units for that language so please keep this in mind.

I am sure there are probably still certain things that could be changed to make it work with voice over better yet. But for me its working extremely well now.

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