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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

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This is the official Hadith of the Day app for iPhone.

HOTD brings you beautiful Hadiths, inspirational Ayahs and heart-warming Duas at your fingertips, in a unique manner, carefully selected and categorised for your own personal situations.

Do you or someone you know have a need that can only be fulfilled by Allah? Feeling like life has come to a standstill? Whether you are feeling on top of the world, blessed and thankful, need some patience, are thinking about a loved one, or facing temptations, HOTD has just the key for you: an Ayah, a Hadith, a Dua to inspire, guide and comfort you. HOTD aims to help you increase your knowledge and open yourself up to Allah's presence.

Use the Qibla icon to organise your direction for Prayer - Search for that perfect Ayah or Hadith for your personal situation - Or send a Dua to a loved one.

Amazing reviews from well-known Muslim personalities

GREAT app by HOTD! Very useful! Very unique! Much needed!
Baba Ali

The new HOTD app is amazing, full of inspiration and knowledge. A must have!
Yasmin Mogahed

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Very easy to use, really loving the layout of everything.

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