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Easily learn how to code in Swift directly on your iPhone or iPad! Includes dozens of fun and fully interactive mini lessons and tutorials.


5 Stars - “Very informative. It is the only app I know that lets you type in the code. This is important for learning efficiently. Bravo."

5 Stars - “Better than the docs! I don’t have much free time at home to go through the Swift docs, but I have time to kill on the daily commute. This pocket sized Swift resource just fits the bill perfectly."


Want to be a better writer? Write more!
Want to be a better coder? Code more!
Want to be great in Swift? Write more Swift code!

Code Swift offers you bite-sized lessons where you have to write your own Swift code! You will be amazed how swiftly you can learn to code! Code Swift starts with the basics and assumes you have no prior programming experience.

Code Swift offers a totally unique experience by challenging you to write your own code from start to finish. There really is no faster and more enjoyable way to learn than writing your own code. Our build in code checker instantly offers valuable tips and suggestions. It is like having a code guru sitting next to you to help you along and accelerate your learning and make sure that you won’t get frustrated, stuck, and give up.

Afraid of getting stuck? Don't be! As soon as you make a mistake, you see a red exclamation mark. Just press on it to get step by step guidance and help so you are never stuck and never alone!

Need more help? Just press on the video tutorial to have someone walk you through the exercise and explain everything in more detail.

Code Swift Chapters:
1. Swift basics
2. True or False
3. If statements
4. Optional?
5. Arrays
6. Loop de loop
7. Strings
8. Dictionaries
9. Functions
10. Switch
11. Tuples
12. Enums
13. Structs
14. Classes
15. Tips and Tricks
16. Closures
17. Extensions
18. Properties

The first chapter is completely free. All other chapters can be unlocked with a single in-app-purchase. Once purchased, you will instantly qualify for all future additions and updates including future chapters.

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Accessibility Comments

From what I have experience, this app is completely accessible! The videos are accessible. But, since a sighted person is doing the video, they sometimes do refer to parts of the code without audibly indicating the exact code. But, if you braille out or note down the code, you can easily figure out what they are talking about, and sometimes this isn't even necessary. In coding, capitalization and all of that sort of thing are very particular, and so a braille display or reading by character will be appropriate, but the app is extremely accessible.

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VoiceOver reads all page elements.

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All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments

Chapter 1 is free, but then after that you pay 4.99, and that includes any upgrades at the time of this writing, Which is April 1, 2017. The latest update for the app was in January 2017. . An awesome app!

This app teaches Swift, a programming language. Chapter 1 is free. What you do is you select your chapter, and then the section of the chapter. As you move through the chapter, it describes for you what the lesson is and has text boxes where you type code so that you are learning to program as you move through The tutorial. If you are incorrect, it gives you an error message, and when you are correct, it plays a little sound to let you know that and shows a check button. It contains videos that summarize and explain a little more about the actual lesson.


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