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Description of App

This Realistic Baby Simulation App will transform the way you play with your Reborn Baby Doll (or other Baby Dolls) forever!

Turn the app on when you are ready to take care of your baby and turn the app off when you are finished caring for your baby.

BabySitMe is designed to replicate an infant simulator when combined with your Reborn Baby. This app is perfect for anyone wanting to have a little extra fun while role playing with their Reborn Baby dolls. While Babysitme is running a schedule, it tells the user to Feed, Burp, Rock and all other necessary actions when really taking care of an infant. These actions are designed to be acted out in role play with the user’s Reborn Baby Doll.

When using the app you will be able to choose between Easy, Medium, Hard or Play mode simulations. The Easy, Medium & Hard simulations run on a 24-hour schedule. The Play mode is designed for people that are just wanting a fast-paced version of the app. It is a shortened version of the simulation modes where the care events are very close together and don’t last very long.

- Name your baby.
- Realistic 24-hour care schedule, Just like a real baby!
- Easy for all ages to use (Recommended ages 7+).
- Bond with your Reborn baby through your baby needing your care and attention.
- Play schedules for younger children with a shorter attention span.
- You wont know when your baby will cry for the next care event, making it as realistic as a real baby.
- Unpredictable care events meaning it isn’t the same old boring Routine every day.

The idea of the app is you place your device next to your Baby Doll and wait for the app to send through a notification sound (cries). You will need to check the device for what the baby would like, then give the baby doll the correct care
For example:
- Feed baby
- Burp baby
- Nappy change
- Rock baby (Etc…)

When the babies care is finished the App will sound again letting you know the care event is finished. Place the device back next to baby and wait for the device to make another sound for the next care event.
When you are finished you simply turn the app off.

This app has been designed for fun, as a form of entertainment.



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Accessibility Comments

This is a simple, fun app which is very accessible and easy to use.

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All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments

I would have called this app a game, or maybe an entertainment, but it has been categorized as education, though it was developed as a fun roleplaying aid, not a teaching aid. It should be noted that it is not like MyBabySim or similar, it is not a baby in your phone, it has been developed for use with a reborn doll or other baby doll. When you open the app you enter the baby's name, then select a mode and a level of difficulty. The app will then run a simulation and send you notifications over a period, telling you what your baby needs and playing realistic sounds. You must then pick up your baby and care for it. When the care time is complete you will hear a cooing on most occasions.

I like this app, it's a simple but fun concept for those that like to roleplay. It helps keep engagement and runs a realistic baby simulation. Another good thing is that the simulation can be easily paused or canceled if life happens. It has a play mode which could be nice for children to use, and of course it can be used in conjunction with any type of baby doll or anything that needs some roleplay TLC.


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Submitted by treky fan on Thursday, December 26, 2019

I had to think for all of five seconds before I gave in and bought this app. I don't exactly understand how it works though. I've set up my baby's name and picked the schedule I wanted, in this case, hard to give myself a little challenge. From there, I'm totally lost. Does the app have to be open in order to get notifications or can I just close it out and wait for the notification to come in, get the baby I'm going to use with it and take care of it?

Submitted by Lulu Hartgen on Thursday, December 26, 2019

Hi there. Yes, I was confused too, but I think it's because we're thinking babysim etc, where things happen almost right away. When I started this two days ago to try and help me bond with my new Christmas baby, I didn't get my first notification for half an hour after I first set the schedule in motion. Now I choose to leave my phone unlocked, sitting on my wireless charger, so that if my baby cries the notification immediately reads out to me and I can hear what he needs right away, but I'm informed by my friend who introduced this to me that you don't need to do this. You can lock your screen and the notifications will come up just like any other push notifications, you'll just need to look to see what your baby's in need of. You don't have to dismiss it, the crying stops of its own accord after a few seconds. You can see right on the app's screne if your schedule is running or if it's paused, which I really like. I do hope this helps. Don't hesitate to get back to me through here or on Twitter if I can help further.

Thanks for the info and thanks for posting this app! My first notification just went off. I also like how you can pause the simulation, and return to it at a later time, sort of like putting your baby in day care.

You're so welcome. I wondered about posting it, I didn't know if anyone but me would be interested, but quite a few of my blind friends do have reborns, so I thought I'd go for it and see. Yes, the pausing does work really well, I have been using it during meals or important calls etc. One thing I have found, it doesn't seem to work too well overnight, so cancel the schedule before you sleep and start a new one in the morning if you want to, that way you can be sure everything's working ok. Another thing I meant to tell you is: you will get cooing when you finish feeding, burping, rocking, cuddling or if your baby gets colicky pain. You won't after changing or clearing up any other mess. If you're on hard schedule, don't be surprised if you wait ten or fifteen minutes for a coo, I've done that. My arms may be tired, but it feels a lot realer than double tapping some buttons, that's for sure! Happy baby caring.

Submitted by The Tetris monster on Friday, December 27, 2019

Hi. I understand that this app needs and electronic device to function. What exactly are these dolls? I’ve never heard of them before.

I'm not exactly sure what reborn dolls are. But you don't need a reborn doll to use this app, any baby doll you have will due. The app is meant to be used as a role play aid, no matter the type of baby doll being used. When the app goes off, you just provide the care to the baby doll.

Hi. You have it right, treky fan, you can use this ap with any baby doll you have. As for reborns, they are a kind of collectible baby doll, wicky has a very good article about them which gives a lot more detailed info than I can here, but basically the thing about them is that they look and feel extremely life like. A well made reborn will be the same size as a real baby, will be the same weight as a newborn baby and will feel very real to hold and look very real. They start life as kits that artists buy, then they are hand painted with many layers of paint to make the skin tone very lifelike, their cloth bodies stuffed with soft stuffing and weighted with glass beads. Then they are dressed in real baby clothes before being sold.

Submitted by The Tetris monster on Friday, December 27, 2019

The description makes it sound like the doll has to be able to connect to the app. Is that true? How does it know when the actions have been completed?

Submitted by treky fan on Friday, December 27, 2019

Your chosen baby doll doesn't have to be connected to the app, that's why you can use any baby doll you have. The app sends you push notifications that tell you what your baby needs. When the notification comes in, you just take care of the baby doll. Certain care events, such as feeding, burping, rocking, and I think cuddling will let you know when they are completed in the app. The care events that won't send you ending notifications are diaper changing, cleaning up baby after spitting up, diaper explosion, and rubbing your baby's tummy. As I said in a previous post, this app doesn't need a certain type of doll to work. I hope this helps.

Submitted by treky fan on Sunday, December 29, 2019

I've had this app for two days, thinking of trying to get a refund. At first, I thought the app was fantastic, that is until I had to pause a simulation wile some construction was going on in my apartment. I resumed the simulation, the app never went off after that. By the time I canceled the simulation five hours after resuming it, not a single notification had come in. Today, I started a new simulation, picking hard to give myself a challenge. That was around 11 this morning. It has been just over 12 hours since I started the schedule, nothing has happened. Push notifications are turned on for the app, do not disturb is turned off. So why is this app no longer working as it should and is there anything I can do to fix it?

Submitted by Lulu Hartgen on Sunday, December 29, 2019

I have also noticed a bug with pausing, I have been using the app for three days now, and the first time I used pausing it would not resume properly so I canceled the simulation and started another one and it has worked fine for me ever since. If I want to stop a schedule now for any reason I cancel, close the app completely and start over when I want to continue.

Submitted by Naza on Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Also, could someone please make a podcast of this app? That would probably be really helpful.

Submitted by Naza on Thursday, March 5, 2020

OK! I just started using the app and it’s really cool. The problem is I can’t name my little boy. Are any of you have any problems with this? I put my babies name on the game but it won’t save so I just had to pick a regular name that was already on the app

Submitted by Naza on Thursday, March 5, 2020

OK now I was able to name him with his actual name. Ha ha honestly I’m not exactly sure what I did but I think I canceled the play mode and started again when it asked me if I wanted to change my baby’s name I did. I think that’s what I did not sure.

Submitted by Naza on Friday, March 6, 2020

OK update, I’ve actually got a little girl instead because it wouldn’t let me select a little boy it was really annoying! Every time I wanted to rename the baby it wouldn’t let me unless I pick the baby girl so that’s why I ended up doing. Also there is a baby on the game. It is true that you can’t care for it or anything but there is a baby in the game. There’s a picture of her and everything.

Submitted by Lulu Hartgen on Friday, March 6, 2020

I don't know what game you are playing, but it isn't BabySitMe. When you play BabySitMe, it is not a baby simulation like having a baby in your phone, you can't play it in conjunction with baby adopter or anything like that. It is meant to be used, as I clearly pointed out from the start, as a roleplay aid for playing with some kind of doll. As for selecting a boy or girl, changing the baby's name etc, BabysitMe doesn't offer you the option of selecting a boy or girl baby, all it asks for is your baby's name. It does this so that when it sends you notifications, it can say things like: Charlie needs a cuddle, or Emily is hungry. There might well be artwork of a baby that you're seeing, I don't know because I have no sight, but this is not a simulation of a baby that you can do things with, as i have said before.

Submitted by Naza on Friday, March 6, 2020

In reply to by Lulu Hartgen

I didn’t mean that you could actually care for the baby on the app what I meant was that there is a picture of a baby on there it’s not just an empty app that’s all I was trying to say because I asked someone sighted about it today. Know what I do is every time the baby on the app cries I go to the baby adopter game as though that’s the baby that was crying and do whatever the other app had said the baby needed. I know it sounds pretty weird and yeah actually you can choose if the baby is male or female. I’m using the same app that you’re talking about because I use this link to get the app. Maybe it was updated since the last time you downloaded or something