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A book about life after death, the nature of reality, God, science, life on other worlds... Quietly, with little fanfare, this unusual book came about in Chicago, Illinois more than half a century ago, with no person credited as the author, and a premise instead that it is a message to give answers to the questions about existence that people have tried to understand for so long. Reviews from — "Both otherworldly and down to earth, both simple and sophisticated, both soothing and shaking... I can describe it using a thousand words and still not begin to describe it. There is nothing like it in print, that's for sure." "A monumental piece of work that clearly was meticulously crafted." "I most appreciate the wisdom in this book, both in quantity and quality, I have not read anything that even comes close." "If you have been searching for inspiration, this book is alive." "Best book on the planet — and has satisfied my every question." (After 18 years on Amazon and 400+ written reviews, 4.5 out of 5 stars.) How did this strange but relentlessly detailed and expansive book come to be written? Is it wisdom literature or sci-fi? In methodical prose, it lays out an epic story that has intrigued many people who have come across it. The application includes: - Full unabridged book (no network access needed to use, all is installed on your iPhone / iPad / iPod) - Random quotes feature (very extensive — thousands of quotes) - Night mode - Option to use larger font size - Easy navigation system using detailed table of contents - Reference numbers in the text optionally can be switched on - Bookmarks - History Instructions: - While reading, a bookmark is added by double-tapping on the navigation bar title (for instance, "Paper 160" in the screenshots you can see here on the App Store). Bookmarks can also be added using the History rows. Tap the blue star on the right side of a History row to bookmark that location. - By triple-tapping on a navigation bar title, you can conveniently switch night mode on and off. This also works in the Quotes section of the app. - A helpful tip while reading quotes: simply double-tap each quote to get the next new one. This is especially useful on devices with larger screens as an alternative to reaching for the "New" button. The application is free. For app requests and comments, please send them to Enom.



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Fully accessible.

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VoiceOver reads all page elements.

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The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.


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