Chirp for Twitter


Description of App: 

Chirp for Twitter is the best way to use Twitter on your Apple Watch.

You can browse your, timeline, lists, like and retweet things, and even post your own tweets.

Sent and view direct messages, catch up on the latest trends in "Trending", or search for your favourite hashtag.

Chirp lets you see quotes, pictures, hashtags, mentions, and so much more.



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Accessibility Comments: 

As of version 1.1.5 the app has received an update which greatly improves VoiceOver support. After getting the app installed I recommend that you go into the settings and turn off the like and retweet buttons, so that going from tweet to tweet takes 1 flick. You can always access these features after double tapping on any post which lets you reply, like, retweet, view any users that were mentioned or even follow links to read news articles.

Other Comments: 

Hats off to Will for this update. When I initially tried the app out it had a lot of unlabeled buttons, and going from tweet to tweet was slow. A few days and Testflight builds later the app is a joy to use.

I would recommend Chirp to anyone who wants access to Twitter at any time, not just when notifications come in. This app will not be affected by the upcoming Twitter API changes as it does not use the streaming API. You will also still need the official Twitter app if you want to receive notifications on your watch.


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