Main VoiceOver gestures in iOS 4

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Here’s a summary of key VoiceOver gestures:

Navigate and Read

  • Tap:  Speak item.
  • Flick right or left:  Select the next or previous item.
  • Flick up or down:  Depends on the Rotor Control setting. See “Rotor Control”  on
  • Two-finger tap:  Stop speaking the current item.
  • Two-finger flick up:  Read all from top of screen
  • Two-finger flick down:  Read all from current position.
  • Two-finger “scrub”:  Move two fingers back and forth three times quickly (making a “z”) to dismiss an alert or go back to the previous screen.
  • Three-finger flick up or down:  Scroll one page at a time.
  • Three-finger flick right or left:  Go to the next or previous page (such as the Home Screen, Stocks, or Safari).
  • Three-finger tap:  Speak the scroll status (which page or rows are visible).
  • Four-finger flick up:  Select the first element on the screen.
  • Four-finger flick down:  Select the last element on the screen.


  • Double-tap:  Activate selected item.
  • Split-tap:  An alternative to selecting an item and double-tapping is to touch an item with one finger, then tap the screen with another to activate an item.
  • Touch an item with one finger, tap the screen with another finger (“split-tapping”): Activate item.
  • Double-tap and hold (1 second) + standard gesture:  Use a standard gesture. The double-tap and hold gesture tells iPhone to interpret the subsequent gesture as standard. For example, you can double-tap and hold, then without lifting your finger, drag your finger to slide a switch.
  • Two-finger double tap:  Answer or end a call. Play or pause in iPod, YouTube, Voice Memos, or Photos. Take a photo (Camera). Start or pause recording in Camera or Voice Memos. Start or stop the stopwatch.
  • Three-finger double tap:  Mute or unmute VoiceOver.
  • Three-finger triple tap:  Turn the display on or off.



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Four-finger flick replaced in iOS 4.3

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The four-finger flick up and the four-finger flick down have been replaced in iOS 4.3 with a four-finger tap.A four-finger tap on the top half of the screen will select the first element on the screen.A four-finger tap on the bottom half of the screen will select the last element on the screen.