iOS 7 Siri Command List

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Listed below are some common commands which can be used with Siri in iOS 7:


  • Turn on VoiceOver
  • Turn on Invert Colors
  • Turn on Guided Access
  • Turn on Assistive Touch
  • Show me the Accessibility Settings

App Launching:

  • Launch Twitteriffic
  • Play Dice World
  • Open Newsify


  • Set up a meeting at 8
  • Set up a meeting with Angela at 10
  • Meet with Mom at noon
  • Set up a meeting about an interview tomorrow at 9am
  • New appointment with Patty Smith Friday at 4
  • Schedule a planning meeting at 9:30 today in the Conference Room
  • Move my 1pm meeting to 3
  • Reschedule my appointment with Steve Johnsont to next Monday at 10am
  • Add Scott to my meeting with Michael
  • Cancel the budget review meeting
  • What does the rest of my day look like?
  • What ís on my calendar for Friday?
  • When is my next appointment?
  • When am I meeting with Michael?
  • Where is my next meeting?


  • Wake me up tomorrow at 7am
  • Set an alarm for 6am
  • Wake me up in 8 hours
  • Change my 6:30 alarm to 6:45
  • Turn off my 6:30 alarm
  • Delete my 7:30 alarm
  • Turn off all of my alarms
  • What time is it in Berlin?
  • What is today's day?
  • What the date this Saturday?
  • Set the timer for 10 minutes
  • Show the timer
  • Pause the timer
  • Resume the timer
  • Reset the timer
  • Stop timer


  • What's Emily's address?
  • What is Susan Conway's number?
  • When is my wife's birthday?
  • Show Lindsey's home email address
  • What is my brother's work address?
  • Show Brian Park
  • Find people named Conway
  • My Mom is Susan Conway
  • Jimmy Manning is my brother
  • Call my brother at work
  • Learn how to pronounce my name
  • Learn how to pronounce my mom's name
  • Learn how to pronounce Sioehan Conway's name


  • New mail to Susan Conway
  • Mail Mom about the rent check 
  • Email Dr. Patrick that I got the form thanks
  • Mail Emily and Brian about the party and say I had a great time
  • Check email
  • Any new email from Jimmy today
  • Show new mail about about the lease
  • Show  the email  from  Emily yesterday
  • Reply to Susan Sorry we will be late for tonight
  • Call him at work


  • Post to Facebook Mickey Mouse just gave me a hug
  • Write on my wall Having a great time in Walt Disney World  


  • FaceTime Mary
  • Make a FaceTime call to Michael
  • FaceTime Mom
  • Make a FaceTime Audio Call

Find my Friends:

  • Let me know when my son gets home
  • Let my wife know when I leave work
  • Who is near me?
  • Who is here?
  • Where are of my friends?
  • Is my daughter at home?
  • Where is my sister?
  • Where is Thomas?


  • Get me directions from Orlando to Tampa Bay
  • Take me Home
  • Give me walking  directions to Paul
  • What's my next turn?
  • Are we there yet?
  • Whats my ETA??
  • Find a gas station within walking distance
  • Find the best Coffee Shop
  • Where is Starbucks?
  • Where is the nearestt Apple store?


  • Tell Vicki Iíll be home in 20 minutes
  • Send a message to Thomas Domville
  • Send a message to Tina saying how about tomorrow
  • Tell Kieran the movie was great
  • Send a message to Randy on his mobile saying I'll be late
  • Send a message to 816 555 1212
  • Text Chris and Jeff where are you?
  • Read my new messages
  • Read it again
  • Reply that I'm Sorry
  • Tell him I'll be there in 30 minutes
  • Call her
  • Read my last message from Sally


  • Find Disney movies
  • What kind of action movies are playing?
  • Who starred in Sound of Music?
  • Who Directed Beauty and the Beast?
  • What is Toy Story 3 Rated?
  • I want to see the new Dreamworks movie
  • What's playing  at the movies tomorrow
  • Theatre tickets to see Lilo and Stich 
  • Buy four tickets for Brave tonight in Rochester
  • Two tickets for Finding Nemo at AMC Town Center theatre at 9 pm
  • Two tickets to that new Pixar movie
  • Find some movie theatres near my home
  • Reading movie reviews
  • Show me the review for The Incredibles
  • Which movie won best picture in 1967?


  • Play It's Time by Imagine Dragons
  • Play Taking Back Sunday shuffled
  • Play Alicia Keys
  • Play some blues
  • Play my party mix
  • Shuffle my roadtrip playlist
  • Play
  • Pause
  • Skip
  • Play my Norah Jones Stations
  • Play more songsc like this one
  • Don't play this song again
  • I like this song


  • Note that I spent 12 dollars at lunch
  • Note to self check out that new Imagine Dragons album
  • Find my Meeting notes
  • Add tour the catacombs to my parents' Paris notes
  • Show my notes from June 25th
  • Read my notes about story ideas


  • Call Scott
  • Call David Taylor mobile
  • Call Michael on his work phone
  • Call 816 555 1212
  • Call home
  • Get my Call History
  • Do I have any Missed Calls?
  • ReDial that Last Number
  • Do I have any New Voice Mail?
  • Play me the Voice Mail from Thomas


  • How many calories in a bagel?
  • What is 18% of $86.74 for four people?
  • Who's buried in Gran's tomb?
  • How long do greyhounds live?
  • What is the square root of 128?
  • How many dollars is 45 euros?
  • How many days until Christmas?
  • How far away is the sun?
  • When is the next solar eclispe?
  • What is the population of Missouri?
  • How high is Mt. Everest?
  • How deep is the Atlantic ocean?
  • What is the price of gasoline in Chicago?
  • When was Abraham Lincoln born?
  • What is the population of San Francisco?
  • Tell me about Pixar


  • Add skydiving to my bucket list
  • Remind me to call Mom
  • Remember to take an umbrella
  • Remind me to take my medicine at 6am tomorrow
  • Remind me to finish my report by 6
  • Read my work to do list
  • Remind me to call my mom when I get home
  • Remind me when I leave to call Brian
  • Remind me to pick up flowers when I leave here


  • Find a good pizza joint in Chicago
  • Good Mexican Restaurant around here
  • Table for four in Palo Alto in paltove 
  • Make a reservation at a romantic italian restaurant tonight at 7pm
  • Show me the review for The French Laundryin Yountville


  • Turn on Airplane mode
  • Is Bluetooth on?
  • Make the screen brighter
  • Turn on Bluetooth
  • Go to Twitter Settings
  • Show me my Privacy settings
  • Enable Wi-Fi
  • Open mail settings
  • Turn on Do Not Disturb
  • Turn on the Flashlight


  • What channel is the Kansas City Royals game on?
  • Who is the best team in Hockey?
  • How did the Yankees do last season?
  • Did the Clippers make the playoffs?
  • What are the standings in the AFC Central?
  • Get me the College Football rankings
  • What are the standings in the Champion League?
  • Who has the most home runs on the White Sox?
  • Which player scored the most goals in Italian Soccer?
  • Which Quarterback has the most passing yards?
  • Show me the Roster of the Broncos
  • Who is pitching for the Cubs this season?
  • Is anyone on the Mariners injured?
  • Which team has the fewest penalty minutes?
  • Show me football scores from Sunday
  • When do the Kansas City Chiefs play next?
  • Show me career statistics for Tony Romas


  • What is Apple's stock price?
  • What is Apple's PE ratio? 
  • What did Yahoo close today?
  • How is the Nikkei doing?
  • How are the market doing?
  • Where's the NASDAQ today?


  • Tweet I Love Apple 
  • Tweet What are you voting for in the AppleVis Golden Apples Award? hashtag  AppleVis
  • Tweet my location Having fun at the beach!í
  • Search Twitter for Accessibility
  • Show me my Tweets
  • What's the latest in Chicago
  • Find tweets with the hashtag AppleVis 
  • What's trending on Twitter?
  • Whats going on?
  • What are people saying about Imagine Dragons?


  • What's the weather for today?
  • What's the weather for tomorrow?
  • What's the forecast for this evening?
  • How is the weather in Tampa right now?
  • What's the high for Denver on Thursday?
  • What is the tempature outside?
  • How windy is it out there?
  • When is sunrise in Paris?
  • Should I bring an umbrella today?

Web Search:

  • Search the web for polar bears
  • Search for vegetarian recipes
  • Search the web for the best cable plans
  • Google The War of 1812
  • Bing Norah Jones
  • Find pictures of killer whales
  • Show videos of the northern lights
  • What's the news for Chicago?


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Regarding: "Write on my wall Having a great time in Walt Disney World"
Just remember, it's not a good idea to publicize that you're away from home if no one is watching your house.