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Posted on Wednesday 18 July 2012 by David Woodbridge

VO+keystroke = Control+Option+keystroke

Getting Started


Turn VoiceOver on or off:

Stop speech:

Repeat the last spoken phrase:



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Posted on Tuesday 8 March 2011 by Rose

This guide will give an overview of how to jailbreak your phone using the most common scenarios people are in. It will also cover some of the most frequently asked questions I receive through Twitter and email regarding the actual jailbreak...

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Posted on Monday 13 September 2010 by Unregistered User

This short guide shows how to rearrange app icons on your iOS device:

  1. First you need to do a double-tap and hold on the icon that you wish to move (make sure not to lift your finger after the second tap).
  2. Hold your finger on...
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Posted on Friday 30 July 2010 by AppleVis

A common question is "where can I download the manual for my iPhone/iPad/iPod?"

Well, it's likely that if you already have an IOS device, the answer is at your fingertips. If you open Safari on your device, you should...

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