Every time I make or receive a phone call automatically goes on loudspeaker?

Hi everyone
Had my iPhone for a week now, and love it, however since I got it, every time I MAke or receive a call it automatical is on loudspeaker. I have turned it off during a call, but as soon as I end the call and make or receive another call it's on loudspeaker again. I don't know iif it's to do with VoiceOver as when my dad tried it without seems ok. Anyone got any solutions?


Is the phone up to your ear?

Hi! This may seem a crazy question, but do you put the phone to your ear when you answer it? If you do, the earpiece should kick in automatically. However, if you move the phone away from your ear, it will switch to loudspeaker. The proximity sensor in the iPhone makes that happen. So maybe you haven't quite positioned the phone right for the sensor to make your iPhone change to the earpiece. That's my theory anyway: if someone else has another reason why this particular phone is always going on to loudspeaker, I'm sure that will be useful.

It might be the position of the phone

I agree with that idea: The iPhone switches to speaker if your ear is far away from it. Sometimes this happens when you push the earpiece even a little bit out of its range, therefore you have to place it close or on your ear. If you turned the feature off, I'm not sure what the cause might be. I hope you find a solution.

menu option to send calls to speaker or headset

There is a menu option under accessibility. The choices are something like always send to speaker and always send to headphone. If it is turned on the sensor will not work. You can also hide the key pad then select or unselct the speaker button. I frequently resort to the headset because the sensor is so finicky.


Look in in Settings/ General/ Accessability/ Physical and Motor. You will have the option to set your default delivery to speaker, bluetooth, and phone.


Go to Settings/ General/ Accessability/ physical and Motor. You will have the option to set default delivery to phone, speaker, or blue tooth.