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Hey guys, it's Chris. I trust all of you are having a wonderful day!

I have a real quick question. So, in a very brief nutshell, we just got the new Spectrum Guide 2.0 TV converter boxes in our home, as we were formerly legacy Time Warner. With this, we now finally after God knows how long have accessible guide narration on the box kind a like Xfinity does with Comcast.

Anyway, not to get off on a tangence about that, but my point being from the bigger picture and how this relates to Applevis is, until now, I've not really ever had very good accessible access to my channel lineup nor the interactive TV guide. Sure there are apps for the iPhone to see the guide, but that's not the point here.

Now that I do! have such a treasure trobe, what I'd like to do is get an app for my iPghone which would be Voiceover friendly that would basically be kind of like Swarm/Foursquare. I want something that will let me search for a TV show/movie or whatever, then check into it, and earn points along the way. Not points I really necessarily can redeem for anything, just more something free for the fun of doing it. If I could have it then tweet my checkin to my Twitter, that also would be a huge huge huge bonus.

I used to know of an app that did this, but again, like I said, I really couldn't effectively use it back in the days, so I pretty much didn't really put a lot of time into trying it out, and now, the app name leaves my mind.

Any help at all with this, and if possible, maybe a link to a review of the app up here would be fantastic!

Thanks much for anyone's help with this.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are, and God bless.


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Submitted by Chris Gilland on Thursday, October 11, 2018

So, I found an app called Viggle, but it doesn't appear to be very accessible. Most buttons seem to be unlabeled from what I can tell, which is a shame, as it looks like this was exactly the type app I am looking for. I also found something called Cinidex, but I'm not paying a monthly cost for membership. It's not worth it. I just want something I can use for fun, and for free. Will keep lookin', but again, if any of you know of anything, let me know.