Seven - 7 Minute Workout

* No workout equipment & just minutes a day * Fun achievements and rewards to keep you motivated * Based on the 7-minute workout featured in NY Times Magazine YOUR CHALLENGE: 7 minutes for 7 months Using nothing more than a chair, a wall, and your own body weight, the 7-minute workout is based on scientific studies to provide the maximum benefit of working out regularly in the shortest time possible. YOU ONLY LIVE THRICE Just like your favorite video game, Seven starts you off with three lives. Skip a day and lose a heart, but miss 3 workouts in a month and your progress resets to zero and it's game over! Work out every day for 7 months to achieve 100% and become a 7/7 champion. Seven also motivates you toward your goal with positive reinforcement: — Unlock achievements from Novice to Athlete as you vary your routine — Earn rewards and health-related giveaways — Set up daily reminders, or when you've missed too many workouts — Track your progress visually on color-coded graphs and calendars — Share your success with friends by e-mail, text message, Twitter or Facebook THE ULTIMATE 7-MINUTE WORKOUT APP Seven guides you through the 7-minute workouts with precise illustrations, visual timers, spoken instructions and even tactile feedback to switch between 30 seconds of intense exercise and 10 seconds of rest. EXTRAS — No internet access needed. Work out anytime, anywhere! — Play songs from your favorite music app in the background — Fitness enthusiasts can adjust intervals and do multiple circuits — Beautifully designed for both iPad and iPhone in a single app — iCloud sync to keep your progress up-to-date on all your devices — The "Learn" tab includes pro tips on how to perform each exercise — Connect with the Health app to sync all workouts and burned calories Got Seven? Now all of us can stay in shape!




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Fully accessible with VoiceOver. VoiceOver is a bit laggy, though. One of the buttons is simpley labeled, "Button." But this is the only button on the first screen, so it is clear it is meant to be the start button. All of the other buttons are labeled, though it doesn't call them buttons. You just double tap as usual, and more options pop up. If you give yourself 5 minutes to initially get used to it, you will find the app very easy to use in future workouts.

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This app is used to control the app on the phone. It cannot be used on the watch in isolation. You can select, "Other," from the built in Workout app on the watch, and then activate your 7 Minute Workout through the watch. That way you get credit towards your workout goal and the watch will monitor your heart rate and calories burned.


Fully Accessible