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Posted on Monday, January 9, 2012 by Brandi
So I purchased this keyboard last year for my iPod Touch because I did not want to mess with typing on the touch screen. I find that I use this device on all of my iOS devices including my iPhone, iPad, my Mac Mini and of course my iPod Touch. The keyboard is relatively comfortable to use whether on a tabletop or on your lap and it is not too small to type on and not big and bulky either. I paid $69 for it but they have come out with a newer one so I would suggest looking in to that one. This…
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Posted on Monday, January 9, 2012 by underdog cheerleader
I've only tested the Focus 40 Blue braille display from Freedom Scientific on an iPhone 4. Almost all on-screen gestures have key combinations to execute the same commands on the braille display. Though the display's keys are rather noisy, the display is very responsive. I find that I have to retype braille more often than I have had to with other displays. However, the display is light and compact. The display is comfortable to use, and the braille is crisp. I would advise purchasing an…
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Posted on Thursday, January 5, 2012 by Unregistered User

I thought that I would help to kick things off in this new area of the site by giving a quick review of the Seidio Rugged case for the iPhone 4

When the iPhone 4 was first released there weren't too many cases available, and fewer still that matched my 'must have' feature of having some form of belt clip. Things were further complicated because there are times when I want to just slip the phone into a pocket. It looked like I would end up with 2 cases, one slim enough to fit in a…

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Posted on Saturday, December 31, 2011 by Scott Granados

Ok, the following is a review of the Plantronics Voyager Pro HD which is the latest version of the Voyager pro series.

First, the headset feels and looks almost exactly like the previous versions of the Voyager pro. The headset has the large behind the ear portion with the buttons and battery housed in this section.  A loop covers the ear with a boom microphone that swings down and an insert with difference sized inserts for the ear.  Buttons are in the same position with the…

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