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Posted on Saturday, July 21, 2012 by Doug

The bone conduction headphones made by aftershokz have many applications where one must still have virtually unobstructed hearing: cyclists, joggers, folks who are blind or visually impaired using audio devices for anynumber of reasons, or people who simply want to listen to music privately yet still be able to hear what is happening around them.  I would most certainly not recommend these for the average audiophile.   Perhaps I'm the wrong kind of bonehead since, regardless of position, I…

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Posted on Friday, July 20, 2012 by Scott Davert

The Focus 14 is a very portable display, about the size of a Braille Pen, but it sports 2 more cells than the Pen, along with a slightly higher price tag than the Braille Pen, but that won't be the case for long.

Instead of wizwheels, you have a rocker button located at each end of the display that you can press up to move up or down to move down.

Above these scrol buttons you have a button that allows you to control the type of element the scrol buttons move by such as…

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Posted on Friday, July 20, 2012 by Scott Davert

The Perkins mini is a 16 cell display that works with Windows screen readers and mac OSX 10.7 and later. It's also compatible with iOS from 6.0 on. It has both USB and bluetooth capabilities, and also has very similar functions to the Braille Edge. It can take notes, read books, has a calendar, a calculator and supports the reading of brf and txt files. That's where the similarities end though.

The Perkins Mini has a braille keyboard, that, in my opinion is not comfortable to type…

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Posted on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 by Scott Davert
The Braille Edge 40 is a braille display that I'd like to call a smart display. This is because, while it is a braille display, it also has the ability to take notes independently, has a calendar, time and date, and calculator. It also has the ability to load and save files on an SD card, which can then obviously be used to transfer files from one platform to another. It supports SDHC up to 32GB. The display is crisp like all the other HIMS products, and it is as stable as all the others as…
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Posted on Sunday, June 24, 2012 by Scott Davert
The Brailliant 32, which is the smallest in a line of 3 new displays from Humanware works well with iDevices running iOS 5.1 and later. This review pertains specifically to the 32 cell model, though the operation on the 40 and 80 cell models should be similar. It's a very sleek design for a 32 cell model display, but the sleeve it comes with for carrying around does not seem to work well for portable use. Pairing: Pairing the new Brailliant displays with your iDevice is very simple. Unlike…
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Posted on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 by Eileen
The Braille Connect 40 is no longer being sold.  The Braille Connect 40 has the keys in a letter v shape which forces the elbows out slightly. I couldn't type on my unit the first day I received it, but somehow I became accustomed to the layout by the next  day. I understand the new modells have a horizontal layout. I thought that I would not like the 3 buttons  to either side of the braille display. However,  Apple uses the six buttons just like the braille key plus spacebar combinations.  It…
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Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2012 by synthesizer101
This is one of the most handy things I use with my iPhone. It is a very small braille display, perfect for mobile privacy. Unlike the other popular mini display at the time (the braille pen 12) this device has routing buttons, something I believe to be necesary. It also has a five-function "joystick" that enables quick use of the functions like swipe right, left, up, down, and double tap. Therefore, navigation is simple. Six-key entry is nice as well, although sometimes (I believe this is the…
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Posted on Monday, June 11, 2012 by Elena Brescacin
AirStash looks like a normal pendrive: rectangular shape, with a cover that must be removed from the bottom side, to reveal the USB connector, and inserted again if USB is not used. In the middle there is the button, the unique button, used to turn wi-fi mode on and off. The top side has a slot for a normal SD card, it supports classic SD cards up to 32GB, and if a micro-SD is used, the small card must be inserted into its adapter, to turn it into a SD, before inserting it into the airstash;…
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Posted on Thursday, May 31, 2012 by DrewWeber
The Line6 Mobile In Continues the jaw dropping concept of all this? from your pocket? though it's outer casing is made of plastic, it feels pretty stirty. About the size and feel of a Compact Flash CF Card Case, it has two 8th inch input jacks: (Stereo Line in, and instrument level) on the front, and a doc connector on the rear. It's long enough to plug into a device even in an otterbox style case. It comes with a cable which converts from 8th inch to quarter inch, which is good, because I…
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Posted on Friday, May 18, 2012 by Kkmacd
This charger is pretty simple and easy to use. Its a 5600mah and I found that I could fully charge my iPhone three times before having to recharge the Ravpower. It also comes with a variety of different plugs to use with other phones. They also included two usb cables of different sizes so you don't have to worry if you lose one cable, you will have an extra backup. Another neat feature is the built in flashlight which actually has some good strength and projection. And lastly I found that it…
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Posted on Sunday, April 1, 2012 by Scott Davert
The PowerGen External Battery Pack is not an iOS device specific charger, which can be viewed as a draw-back or an advantage. The battery pack was designed to essentially charge anything that has the ability to charge via USB. It comes with a multitude of adapters for plugging in to such devices as an iOS product, any number of Android devices, GPS Receivers, and just about anything else you can charge via USB. While the documentation is not available digitally, which is the reason it gets 4…
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Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 by Amir

If you're looking for a durable case for your iPhone 4 or 4S which would also keep the screen shielded even at the time of use, look nowhere else. The Griffin Survivor Case for iPhone 4 and 4S provides the best type of device protection without sacrificing usability. As one Amazon reviewer says:

Not completely waterproof, definitely water resistant. The iPhone sits inside a virtually fully enclosed plastic…
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Posted on Saturday, March 10, 2012 by John Moore
The IHome IA100 is the flagship unit in IHome's new linf of app-enhanced devices. This means that all dock settings can be controlled and adjusted with apps on an IOS device. The IA100 is universal, meaning that it supports IPhone, IPod Touch, and IPad devices. I am sure IPad 3 support is coming in a future firmware release. This dock features Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to listen to music, as well as make and receive calls. This is in addition to the built-in dock for IOS devices.…
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Posted on Thursday, March 1, 2012 by Mello
When I travel I have been using the New Trent Battery to keep my iPhone and other USB powered devices charged up. It has two USB ports so I can charge my iPhone and my Bluetooth headset at the same time. The battery is about the size of the iPhone 4, and turns on with the press of a button. If nothing is connected or the charge cycle is done the battery will turn off automatically. I found this product works quite well and I don’t have to replace my case or make my iPhone overly thick. I got my…
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Posted on Monday, February 27, 2012 by Elena Brescacin
a very small and comfortable headset. It has one single button, with the following functionalities: 1. a very long press turns the jabra stone 2 on or off. It has all English-spoken audible messages. 2. when on, a short press tells the battery status: high, medium, low. 3. a short press while the phone is ringing: answers the current call 4. a short press during a call: ends the call. the voice will say, call ended. 5. 2 fast short presses while the phone is not in a call: the headset says "…
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Posted on Monday, February 27, 2012 by Elena Brescacin
Visually impaired people are often used to have several devices at home or office: smartphones, computers, Braille display, USB rechargeable devices, and so on. This means that the house and office, is full of electric or USB cables for charging batteries, with the mess they can cause! Many cables in the same place, with even the risk of falling on them! A small Italian company, called Feligan, has solved the problem: a unique solution for all devices! Power Brick. This accessory can charge…
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Posted on Thursday, February 23, 2012 by John Moore
We have all heard about extended battery cases for IOS devices. I first heard about this one last year when I was beta testing IOS5 and was having battery life problems. I had heard about this case's little brother, the Mophi Juice Pack Air, but was not interested due to its smaller capacity and the fact that it did not fully charge your phone. This one's price is slightly higher at $99 when I bought it. However, I could not be happier. This case has extended the battery life of my phone by as…
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Posted on Thursday, February 2, 2012 by Mario Lang
This review is about the third generation model of the Apple Wireless Keyboard. The keyboard itself is very thin. It needs two AA batteries which you slot into it from the left side on the back of the keyboard. On the opposite (right) side is a round button. The keyboard width nicely resembles approximately a 40 cell braille display, which makes it a perfect match for use with a Handy Tech Braille Star 40 for instance. The keys feel very nice during typing, and are quite large. In fact, I am…
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Posted on Wednesday, February 1, 2012 by Mario Lang

The Handy Tech Braille Star 40 is a portable, rechargeable 40 cell braille display with serial, USB and Bluetooth connectivity.  Its physical dimensions are 331 x 227 x 24 mm (width x depth x height).  The tactile surface of the Braille elements are concavely shaped.  Each cell has exactly one cursor routing key located above.  Below the cells you find 8 braille dot keys separated by two space keys.  To the left and right of the reading area are the so-called tripple action keys which you…

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Posted on Monday, January 30, 2012 by Mario Lang

As advertised on the web, the Apple TV comes with VoiceOver. Enabling VoiceOver on the Apple TV without sighted assistance is easy: Connect the device via HDMI to your TV or AV-Receiver.  Make sure the appropriate port is choosen on your TV or AV-Receiver so that you can hear audio coming from it once its booted.  Then connect the power to the Apple TV and wait for it to boot.

Once its finished it will announce to you that you are supposed to press the lower right button three…

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