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This year, I was able to purchase the Hooke Verse, which are a pare of wireless headphones that incorperates Binaural 3D Audio recording and playback through it's app, which is 100% accessible with VoiceOver. Below is my overall review from a VoiceOver users perspective, but in a positive way.

When I first received the unit, I pared it with my iPhone, which to me was an easy process. after pareing was successful, I began to load up the Hooke Audio app, and did a test recording. once I played back the test recording, it felt like I was actually their in the moment in realtime. I continued to do some extended testing in loud environments, as well as environments that required a few backround noise, and it worked successfully with no problems at all. When you load the app, VoiceOver's speech feedback goes directly to the iPhones internal speakers, rather than through the headphones, which is nice, so therefore I can accessibly use the app to start/stop recording, as well as using other apps. I've even tested it using Siri, and it's alert tones, as well as siries speech feedback can be herd through the internal speakers with no lagging whatsoever. when you close the app, speech returns to headphones. Their's some lagging whenever you navigate outside of the app, but that's normel. The app provides accessibility tips, which can be helpful to many users. You can start/stop recording by either dubble tapping the record button, or by pressing the multifunction button on the verse. Once recording audio, you can control the recording levels by flicking up or down with one finger. You can also control monitoring of what you hear by using the physical volume buttons on your iPhone. you can record audio in the backround while using other apps, but unfortunatly, it will not work while you're recording video.
Overall, I couldn't be happyer with these headphones. It works as advertised, and I will continue to support the Hooke Audio team, which I gladly thank for putting their time, effort, and generosity for making the first wireless binaural 3D Audio hedphones. These headphones really change the way you record the world and beyond in realtime wirelessly, and overtime with every app update, their will be new enhancements to accessibility and it's hardware, as well as new features to make recording much more fun. Thank you Hooke Audio for these headphones, and let's change the way we record the world.

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5 Stars


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#1 Latest version of the app

Have you installed the latest version of the app, with HookeSessions and filters added? I'm experiencing some bugs with it and the latest iOS 11.1 public beta.

#2 Other Reviews

App Developer

Other reviews on this site claim otherwise. Also these are not the worlds "first binaural 3D Audio hedphones". However they are the first wireless binaural recording headsets, which probably explain why the audio quality is less than stellar, there's a huge lag when listening to VoiceOver while not recording and the app crashes when you least expect it. Looking forward to Sennheiser's professional 3d audio headset!

#3 You got that right

to you're right. they are the first wireless binaural bluetooth headphones to record wirelessly with iPhone. and the Hooke audio team has been working so hard on improving the app and it's hardware to make it more accessible. and to the previous poster, I'm not experienceing problems with the latest update, accept purchasing the 3D Audio filters, which they forgot to include in the release build, but they have messaged me on twitter and have told me that the update is awaiting it's approval from Apple. once aproved, the update will be fixed. Please give them some grace, as they are hard at work fixing the issue. until then, keep your ears opened.