Weather Radio by WDT: Accessible Severe Weather and Lightning Alerts on your iOS Device

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In this podcast, Michael Hansen demonstrates version 3.0 of Weather Radio by WDT.

Weather Radio provides users in the U.S. with life-saving severe weather alerts directly from the National Weather Service; a subscription-based lightning alerts feature; as well as detailed conditions and 7-day and hourly weather forecasts. Weather Radio was recently redesigned and updated to version 3.0, and the developers made accessibility a priority in the new release.

In the podcast, Michael demonstrates Weather Radio's different features--including the lightning proximity feature--and also provides a workaround to the one accessibility issue he found with the app. While not mentioned in the podcast, some users have reported that the app freezes on the setup screen; to fix this, community members have had success closing Weather Radio in the App Switcher and reopening it--repeating this process two or three times if necessary.

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