Using iOS with VoiceOver and a Bluetooth Keyboard Part 3: Safari

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In part 3 of his mini series on using bluetooth keyboards on iOS devices with VoiceOver, Scott Davert discusses and shares a number of tips and keyboard shortcuts which should enable you to be more productive and efficient when using Safari to browse the web.

The previous podcasts in this series are:

Using a Bluetooth Keyboard with VoiceOver on iOS Part 1: An Introduction, and Navigating the Home Screen
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Submitted by Morgan Watkins on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

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Thank you for the many reminders of what I can do with my keyboard when using Safari on my iPhone. Even though I use my Bluetooth keyboard for many hours a day, your podcast reminded me of some tricks that I have forgotten. I enjoyed your quick tutorial.

Submitted by falcon wings on Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hello there scot,
Thankk you for your informative podcasts on bluetooth keyboards and ios. I for been listening to them and they have indeed helped me loads in getting used to ios and using a bluetooth keyboard with it.
In fact, I'm writing this post using one, thanks all to you.

I do seem to be experiencing issues,though.
You were using the same keyboard in this podcast and yet you were able to use commands such as cmd l to go directly to the address bar. while the h command and the r command does work for me, the cmd l command doesn't work for me at all,and when I press it its like nothing happens at all.
Sometimes, safari would just not interact with buttons, I.E the search button while trying to search for this podcast, or the submit button when submiting posts. come to think of it, I hope I don't have similar issues while posting this comment...

Is it just safari, my keyboard, or ios version that I'm using? btw I'm using 8.4 atm,if that helps any
Also, when activating comboboxes, or popups that bring up a picker, vo focus just stays at the particular button, I.E the filter button here, I have to jump to the very bottem of the page, flick my way to the picker list,select,done and then go back to the apply filter button, is it just me? or any of you experiencing the same thing?

Thank you again scot, for this awesome series of podcasts on bluetooth keyboards and ios.