Test your Knowledge of your Favorite Topics with Trivia Crack Kingdoms for iOS

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In this podcast, Derrick Moreland introduces us to Trivia Crack Kingdoms for iOS. Although the current version of this app contains some issues for VoiceOver users, Derrick shares a few tips that do help to make it playable.

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Submitted by Misty Dawn on Monday, November 9, 2015

I actually found that creating channels was quite accessible. In fact, I successfully did this just now.

Really the most inaccessible part of this, I think, is creating actual questions for the channel.

When you create a question, the first edit field is the question you type. After you get through the language/regional settings, the next (unlabeled) buttons are the answers you provide. I do know that, in the original Trivia Crack, the first answer that you typed was always supposed to be the correct one, though I'm not really sure if this applies with this game.

Hope this all helps a little bit though.

Also, have you found any way to search the question bank so that you don't end up submitting a duplicate question?


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