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Posted on Monday 25 May 2015

In this podcast, Khalfan Bin Dhaher introduces us to Audio Rally Racing, the much-anticipated new game from TiconBlu.

This game lets you choose between 11 cars and 50 different circuits; and single race or tournament mode.

Audio Rally Racing is €19,90 download from the developer’s...

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Posted on Friday 1 May 2015

In this episode of his series of podcasts looking at the Apple Watch, David Woodbridge asks us to join him for a walk as he uses Apple Maps on the Watch to receive walking directions.

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Posted on Friday 3 January 2014
In this podcast, Scott Davert shares some basic tips and good practice for recording audio podcasts.
This should be particularly helpful for those new to podcasting, as Scott highlights a number of things which will make the recording process easier and less stressful and ensure that the resulting podcast achieves what was intended.
Although much of what Scott discusses is good practice for any podcast, there is particular emphasis...
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