Quick Tip: How to Rewind or FastForward Speech When Using the Say All Command on macOS

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In this podcast. Alex Hall shows us how it is possible to either rewind or fast forward speech when using the VoiceOver ‘Say All’ command on macOS.

The original forum post on AppleVis mentioned by Alex during this podcast is here.

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Submitted by Christina on Monday, August 3, 2015

Does it only work in text edit. I can't get it to work properly in mail or in Safari. In Safari it just stops fast forwarding with a lot of bonk sounds. In mail, the cursor seems to move forward but when I stop holding down the keys, voiceOver just says 50 percent. Sometimes VO will continue reading but most of the times it just says 50 percent and I have to use the read all command to get VO reading again. Yes, quick Nav is turned off and yes, I am holding down the keys. Yes, I did set up the key commands in Keyboard commander. I just wanted to know if anyone else experiences this. I was really excited about this feature.