What's the good Word? Actually, it's Pages

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To help start off a new school year, Tyler Stephen gives us a podcast covering some of the aspects of Pages for Mac for VoiceOver users.

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I downloaded the mp3, listened for a couple minutes, and couldn't hear a thing. I muted and unmuted. Still nothing. My volume is not turned down.

File appears to be okay

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Not sure what to suggest other than you try downloading the file again, as there doesn't appear to be a problem with the file on the server. Just possibly your local version was corrupted during download.

Works Fine Here

I just listened to this and everything came through on my end loud and clear. Thanks for yet another great listen. I honestly haven't done that much with Pages, but kudos to Apple for making it accessible. I have honestly not had as much time as I'd like as of late to get my geek on due to my social life, lol! But perhaps that's a good thing.

All Fine Here!

I downloaded the podcast in my favourite podcatcher, Downcast, and all was fine. The episode downloaded properly and was able to listen to it without a glitch. Actually followed on my Mac as I hadn't used Pages on it before, it was nice to learn some new tricks.


Great tutorial

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This was a great introductory tutorial and I am looking forward to more from you. I 've always used TextEdit and now your tutorial makes me want to try Pages. BTW, is MS Word really accessible on the Mac?
Thanks and keep it coming.


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You nailed it. A bad download. I hear it just fine now. Smile. Good job!

A Couple Questions

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Hi Tyler. Thanks for the tutorial. I was hoping for help on a couple topics that weren't covered, so here are my questions.

First, when I have VoiceOver focus on the text body, I hear VoiceOver say "Format text quickly by VoiceOver jumping to the formatter". However, no instructions are given about how, exactly, to do this. I can VO+right to get to the formatter, as you do, but VoiceOver seems to be telling me there's another way. Any clues? I didn't hear VoiceOver say this in your podcast, so I wonder if this is voice-specific? I'm using the Samantha voice.

Second, I often need to review long documents written by others. However, I've been unable to get VoiceOver to do a continuous read. VoiceOver stops at the end of each page, then I must VO+A again to get it to read the next page. Do you know a way to get this to work? It seems like a bug, but maybe I just don't know what I'm doing.

As a further tip, command+option+K moves to next comment or change. Add shift to go to previous. I review lots of documents with track changes enabled, so this comes in handy.

My goal is to stop using MS Word entirely and take my old Windows PC to be recycled. Pages does the trick, for the most part, just that dang continuous reading issue.

re: some questions

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Hi, the body field includes a help tag that instructs users to format text by jumping to the formatter. To get Voiceover to stop announcing this, go to Voiceover Utility > verbosity > hints and change the setting for when an item has a help tag.

Second, I'm not sure how to do a continuous read, so it may be a bug, but someone else might have a trick.

Thanks for the extra tips, good to know.


Re: some questions

Hi, I'm no expert but usually VO+J works to jump to the formatter. Can't help on the other question unfortunately, but I haven't been able to list to the podcast as I kept getting "page cannot be found" only got it tonight so will let you know.

Issue with Saving Documents in Pages, and...

Hi Tyler and others. I just began work on a document and I have 2 questions. This is a template for a mood diary that I downloaded last night as part of an online course that I just started. The download went fine, and the template opened up in Pages. It is a spreadsheet with a bit of instructions. My questions are these. First off, Earlier today when I typed in my first score and then saved the file, my score wasn't there when I came back. Do I have to only hit Control-S, or can I quit using Control-Q as an alternative? The other question I have might be somewhat related. VoiceOver prompted me that an update to Pages was available in the App store, but when I went there it told me there were no updates. I just turned on my charger to download the update. I'm also noticing that tabbing through does not announce all cells, but shift-Tab does. I guess this might be just one of those annoying bugs? But all in all, I'm very happy with Pages.

Finding keyboard commands

Great tutorial. Where can I find a list of the keyboard commands you used? Things like the left or center justified command. Thanks.


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Typically, you can press command W to close the window and your document should autosave. Was the document in Pages format when you downloaded it? If it was in a different format, you should've been prompted to save it as a Pages document; this would be the document that has your changes.

The keyboard commands I used can be found in the menu bar. For example, text alinement commands can be found in the format menu, and the show word count command can be found in the view menu.


Jump to the formatter

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Tyler, thanks for telling me how to use the VO Utility to disable reading help tags. Keep up the great work!

Moving through headings using quick nav.

Question, I've been told that if there are headings in a document one can turn quick nav on, select headings from the rotor and then move through them. Wehn I try this I only hear one heading and then bong. Has this been corrected?

re: moving through headings using quick nav

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This is a longstanding bug where Voiceover rotor navigation in Pages is unreliable. The only reliable way I have found to move by headings in Pages is to use VO U.

Pages for iOS

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Tyler, would you, or anyone else, consider making a podcast aboug Pages for iOS? I can manage to use it but I find it a bit fiddly at times, so a demo from an experienced user would be appreciated.