type2phone: turning your Mac in to a bluetooth keyboard for your iDevice

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IN this podcast, Musicruz demonstrates Type2Phone, an app which allows you to control your iOS device using your Mac.

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#1 Nice Job on the Podcast

Just wanted to say thanks for the podcast. I have had Type 2 Phone for a long time but never used ti a lot, now that they have added the controls to it, I think I will use it a lot more. I used your method of copying and pasting and wanted to let you know I didn't have any trouble with the Home one. Now if we can just get all the rotor settings it would be fantastic

#2 The obnky thign I don't liek

The obnky thign I don't liek about the app is this. At least on my computer running ml, I cannot use option right to go forward by word when qn is off. Anyone else notice this? other wise it's a fast app. and it's wonderful.

#3 Hi Mary,I did not quite

Hi Mary, I did not quite understand your question. I don't know if you were abbreviating some of the keys. If you may please rewrite your issue, I may be able to help you out. regards, Musicruz

#4 Navigating by word with Quick Nav turned off

Hi, I think marrie meant that the only thing she doesn't like about using the Type2Phone app is that on her Mac, running Mountain Lion, she can't use the Option+Right arrow shortcut to navigate forward by word when Quick Nav is turned off. Hope this helps, Esther

#5 Yeah sorry about that. I did.

Yeah sorry about that. I did. My keyboard tends to have this nasty bug with mountain lion where it will drop letters and if I don't catch it in time it can b a mess. Yeah what I meant was I cannot use the option key unless voice over is turned off on my mac, then all works as expected Take Care..

#6 A problem while typing using Type 2 Phone

Hi all. Unfortunately something is going wrong while trying to input text on my iPhone using Type 2 Phone. Pressing any key brings up another character. Hitting the letter J says Tab. How to fix this?

#7 Welcome to the ios7 keyboard

Welcome to the ios7 keyboard bug. a[Apparently this can exceed to type to phone as well. I'm guessing you are running ios7.1?

#8 re: iOS 7 keyboard bug

Yes. I'm running iOS 7.1. Is that a VoiceOver bug? I rarely use a bluetooth keyboard with my iOS device because I don't like carrying extra devices every where.