Turn Photos into Sweet Melodies with Melodist for iOS

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In this podcast, Sabrina gives us a demonstration of Melodist - Let photos sing, a US$0.99 app that generates a unique melody for photos by analyzing the changes in hues, saturation and brightness.

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#1 Great podcast!

Hello! Thank you for doing such a great podcast! I also knew about an app that allows me to do pictures without issues. That’s also really helpful.

#2 thank you

I am glad you like it.
I was doing this podcast on a sleepless night and am surprised it came out that good.
I have had this app for a time and have a favourite photo I often sleep to.

#3 Nice

Very nice podcast and nice ap.

#4 Thank you Ornella.

Thank you Ornella.

#5 App to make photos

What is this app‘s name for making photo that you used in a podcast?

#6 oh

That is Selfiex. It is selfie and then ex if your synthesizer probnounces it wrong luike mine does.

#7 The onion made a video about this very idea a few years ago

I guess they really can predict the future.