Spell checking using the misspelled words rotor option with VoiceOver on iOS

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In this podcast, Scott Davert demonstrates using the Misspelled Words rotor option in iOS. He notes some of the limitations, what to do when a misspelled word does not have the replacement word you want, and proves to us he doesn't always know what he's talking about. Note that as of iOS 12.1, this rotor option appears in text fields with Safari, Mail, and Messages. At this time, it's not available in Notes, Pages, or Microsoft Word.

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#1 Spell checking using the misspelled word rotor option

Excellent informative podcast explaining the feature and how it works. Thanks for this Scott!

#2 podcast

Nice but it would had been better also if show how to do it without using the braille. Most of you do not use any type of Bluetooth keyboard be it braille or regular keyboard. Using the iPhone itself would be better.

#3 He explained the steps for

He explained the steps for all input methods. A really well done podcast. Now we wait on Apple to implement this feature everywhere.

#4 Not working for me

Thanks for the informative Podcast, but I'll be stuffed if I can make this feature work.

On an iPhone 6S, IOS 12.1, with Check Spelling enabled and working within the Messages App I only hear a "Thunking "sound every time I swipe down after activating this feature in the rotor.

I even tried using the same words misspelled as in the Podcast... :(

I am not sure whether this feature is not supported on my 6S or if there are other Keyboard settings I need enabled. Any thoughts appreciated....



#5 Use English US keyboard

Just check whether you are using English US keyboard. If the English keyboard for another region is set, that may be the reason why it's not working.

#6 Well, Crikey ...

Crikey Mate, I've been flat out like a Lizard drinking trying to fix this, but I think me old Cobber Tripolice has hit the nail on the head
I'm using Orstraylian English, which is 64% more locker than regular Australian English, so I recon I'm stuffed like a Jumbuck into a Tucker Bag.

Anyway, like a bucket of prawns in the sun, I'll be off...



#7 Misspelled Word Rotor Option Now in Notes

As Scott noted in the podcast, the misspelled word rotor option was originally not present in many apps, including the notes app. I have just discovered that it is now present in the notes app. To me, this makes the feature much more useful.