Quickly Record Audio Memos using your Apple Watch with Just Press Record

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In this podcast, Milorad Pejic gives us a demonstration of using the Just Press Record app on an Apple Watch. This simple audio recorder uses iCloud Drive to instantly syncs your recordings across all your devices and is perfect for capturing ideas, thoughts and memos on the go.

Just Press Record: Voice and Audio Recorder with Automatic Sync is a US$2.99 download from the iTunes App Store

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I notice that when using this

I notice that when using this app, at least for me it does not record in the background. I'm pretty new to watch, just got it today, so far though so good.

I just spoke to the devs

I just spoke to the devs regarding my suggestion of recording in the background with the apple watch and this is not currently possible using watch os 3. Maybe one day it will be, fur for now I guess there is no app to do this. Too bad as I was going to next year record some wet and wild adventures but with water proof mode on I can't anyway as I need to some how enable this with out putting the app in the background. Oh well.