Quick Tip: A Taste of What You Can Ask Siri to Do with Apple Music

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

The launch of Apple Music has seen Siri gain a number of new commands which make it even easier to explore and control music on your iOS device. In this podcast, Andrea gives us a quick taster of what’s possible.

Here are some sample Siri commands that you can use:

  • “Play Born to Run“
  • “Play the top rock songs now”
  • “Play the most popular song from June 2014″
  • “Play the song from Selma“
  • “Play top song from 1999″
  • “Play Jazz music”
  • “Play exercise playlist”
  • “Play work playlist”
  • “Play the album ‘The New Classic'”
  • “Play the album ‘The New Classic’ shuffled”
  • “Play Alicia Keys”
  • “Play ‘Love Never Felt So Good'”
  • “Pause music”
  • “Stop music”
  • “Resume music
  • “Skip track”
  • “Play previous track”
  • “What music is playing?”
  • “Play Alicia Keys on iTunes radio”
  • “Play more like this”

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