How to use Voice Control on iOS: The Basics

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In this podcast, Thomas Domville introduces us to Voice Control, a brand-new accessibility feature in iOS 13 that lets you control every single aspect of your iOS device using only your voice.

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This is amazing!

This is nothing short of amazing! I've been a Dragon and j-say user at work, and have wished for similar features on iOS. My hands shall be forever greatful if this works as well as it did in your demo. Thanks for putting this together!


Thanks. The voice speed is perfect. Thanks for taking the time and hope future podcast have the same spee. My question do we know how voice control affect battery?

IPhone 7

does it work in IPhone7

voice control while in apps

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Great podcast. Can you use voice control while in an app to control features specific to that app?


hello voice control is only in u s english.

dictAtioN with voice control

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I'm having issues with entering text using dictation with voice control. It keeps entering extra characters I didn't enter. Suggestions?

Re: Voice Control and iPhone 7

Hi. This is in response to the person who asked about the iPhone 7. VC does work on there, but it seems to want to lose focus a bit. Or perhaps this is just me. I didn't have my phone plugged in when the files for VC were downloading, so perhaps that's why I haven't yet gotten it to work that well. I was able to speak 2 commands, and my phone did exactly what I told it to do.


Please let us know about battery. How VC affects the battery?

Voice control feature

Thanks tomas for the tip. I’ve really enjoyed listening to your podcast. What if you’re too busy re-arranging your furniture, but you need to jot down stray thoughts in the Notes app, such as items for your grocery list this week? Allow The voice control feature on iPhone to do the magic.
  1. On the home screen of your iPhone, say “Tap Notes” to open the Notes app.
  2. Create a Note by saying “New Note.”
  3. On your new note, say “Single tap.” This will simulate a single tap and launch the keyboard.
  4. Speak what you want to write down.
Boom I got the tip from This article There are a couple of other iPhone voice control tips on there. Cheers. Freeman

Voice Control Listens To Voiceover

This is really weird but I might have been a tad suspicious when Thomas mentioned that voice control works "fairly well" with VoiceOver. Problem is, it seems that occasionally VoiceOver says something to which Voice Control responds by activating some command it thinks was given. I'll play a bit more and provide examples, but not tonite, it's beddie-by time!