How to Access and Use Apple Music Via iTunes on a Mac

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In this podcast, Alex Hall gives us a demonstration of how to access and use Apple Music via iTunes on a Mac.

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Hi alex,
Excellent work on the podcast. I was wondering if its possible for you to use a better quality microphone? the one you use on your podcasts muffle your voice quite a bit and at times, I have trouble understanding you.

What Version of OS X?

Do you have to have OS X version 10.10.4 in order to take advantage of this free trial? For whatever reason my Mac wouldn't update to the latest version of Yosemite. I've been cleaning stuff out, thinking it might be due to a somewhat overloaded system. I might also try one of those app cleaners that were mentioned. But anyway, this is an excellent walkthrough and I for one cannot wait to start my free trial of Apple Music.

Accessing albums

I have the latest versions of the operating system and iTunes.

The radio button is checked for “for you.” I type in the name of a band and go to the Apple Music HTML content. I interact and find headings for songs, albums, playlists etc. Under each heading are the top three results. I try VO space on the word albums but it does nothing. How can I display additional albums? Or songs? Etc.