Exploring Some of What's New and Changed in iOS 11; Part 1

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In The first of a short series of podcasts in which he introduces us to some of what's new and changed in iOS 11, Thomas Domville discusses and demonstrates the following:

  • New verbosity settings for VoiceOver users.
  • A new pitch option in Speech settings for VoiceOver users.
  • A new "Smart Invert" option.
  • Auto Brightness settings relocated.
  • A new "Type to Siri" option.
  • A new option to automatically answer incoming phone calls.
  • New options for subtitles and captions.
  • Using "Drag" to manage and organize Home Screen icons.
  • Quick access to Guided Access, Magnifier and Text Size from the Control Center.
  • New options in the VoiceOver Actions Menu when using the native Mail app.
  • a new automatic Reader mode in Safari.

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#1 What's New In IOS 11 Part 1 By Thomas Comville

As always, his podcasts are most helpful and informative. In this one, he mentioned that he would provide a link to a blog by Scott Daver about the new smart invert and other topics. I would appreciate the link and I can't seem to find it on his podcast. Thanks.