Explore the World in 3D Sound With Travelear for iOS

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In this podcast, Scott Davert gives us a walk-through and demonstration of Travelear: Listen to the World, a free iOS app that provides access to a selection of 3D soundscapes.

From the App Store description:

Travelear promises to take your ears on an adventure like never before! You can finally go to a variety of destinations and environments with a pair of headphones and the click of a button. With Travelear you can hop across the pond and experience the hustle and bustle of London's famous Flower Market or even take a trip down to New Orleans jazz-filled streets. If you're not in the mood for a new city sound then you can always get up close and personal with forest wildlife or simply sit back and relax on your porch as a summer thunderstorm passes by. Let our sounds immerse you into an environmental narrative and make you feel like you are actually there.


  • 3D experiences created exclusively for Travelear
  • Organic recordings designed to tell a story
  • Captured with the latest in 3D microphones
  • Recorded and composed by Professional Audio Engineers
  • HD sound quality
  • HD images provide a visual for the experience
  • Map View allows you to choose your destination

Take a break from your day, go somewhere fun. Sit back, relax, and choose your destination.

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#1 love it

I love this app. The stereo sound is awesome.
I love the podcast as well. Thanks for it.

#2 Thank you!

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Hi Sabrina. Thank you very much for the compliment on the podcast. I actually used a Book sense to record it. Smiles.

#3 Great Review

App Developer

@Scott_Davert great and thorough review of my app, thanks! I've taken notes on everything you talked about, especially the parts on accessibility. My partner Nick and I are currently working on cleaning them up and we'll be putting out an update soon. Love the podcast!

#4 Updated Patreon Rewards

App Developer

@Scott_Davert In your podcast you mentioned there weren't awards up in Travelear's Patreon. I've updated the tiers now and if you become a patron at any level you'll get access to exclusive 3D Soundscapes I'll be posting only there. The first one is up. Thanks for calling attention to that!

#5 Notifications

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Hi Garet.
I'm glad you liked the podcast! I noticed that you have added a couple of new sounds to the collection since I last launched the app. Would it be possible to use the push notifications to send out alerts when new sounds are added?

#6 New sounds

I love the new rain sounds especially the rain falling on an umbrella. I use to go outside with my umbrella just to hear the drops fall on it.

#7 Push Notifications and Umbrella Rain

App Developer

@Scott_Davert yes, unfortunately the push notifications aren't working right now. @Nick is aware and will have it fixed for the next update. Thanks for letting me know!
@Ornella_Jagdeo Thank you! It's pretty cool, even though I got soaked recording it. Glad you liked it!