Speed Up Everyday Tasks on your Mac by Using the VoiceOver Keyboard Commander

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In this podcast, Mike Malarsie shows us how to access and use the VoiceOver Keyboard Commander, a nifty feature for Mac users which allows you to create and use custom keyboard shortcuts to speed up a number of tasks - such as open applications, files and folders; navigate and control what’s on screen; run Apple Scripts and Automator Workflows; issue VoiceOver commands; and much more.

If you have any commands that you find particularly useful, do please share them in the comments.

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#1 Very Useful Info

I use Keyboard Commander all the time now, and find it to be a big time saver. I have suggested to a sister of mine that she use it, but I don't think she has thus far. This sister is also a VoiceOver user. Besides Mail, Safari, and checking date and time, I have a command for TextEdit and more recently iTunes. I'm going to set up one for MarsEdit, since I just purchased the full version. In the coming months I will add others. Thanks for this.

#2 Very cool

This is very cool! I never knew about this. Will be definitely be using this. Thanks.

#3 battery level script

I set up keyboard commander to run an apple script that announces the battery level on my MacBook Air. I find it much faster to press a command, option b in my case, to hear the battery level rather than going through the menus to find the battery status. I found the scripts on Bryan Smart's web site. Here is the URl.
I also set up a keyboard commander key to launch text edit for those times when I need to access a word processor to take down a quick note such as a phone number or email address.