A Quick Tip for new iOS Users: Adjusting VoiceOver Volume

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The volume of VoiceOver and the volume of other audio on your iDevice are set separately. This means that VoiceOver has to be actively reading text for you to be able to adjust its volume. In this podcast, David Woodbridge demonstrates how this is done.

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#1 thanks for all the work you

thanks for all the work you do I find your podcasts very informative David

#2 Very nice podcast

Hello everyone! I love all the podcasts of applevis side.
I love all the products of apple such as, iPhones, mac books.
Applevis is the great resource for the knowledge

#3 Great Tip

Thanks David. I got my first iPhone at the end of March, and have really been enjoying it. I'm still trying to wrap my head around some of the features and settings, but I have to agree with the previous comment. Apple is doing just fine by me.