iOS 9 Quick Tip: the New Text Selection Tool in the VoiceOver Rotor

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

In this podcast, David Woodbridge demonstrates how to access and use the text selection tool that’s been added to the VoiceOver rotor in iOS 9.

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#1 Quick Question

Is Replace a new option in the edit roter? I don't recall that one. Thanks.

#2 Editing options in IOS 9

Hello. Thanks so much for demonstrating thEe IOS 9 editing features. When deleting selected text, just press the delete key.
When editing a word, just select it and type the new word.

#3 Struggling with select all in Safari.

Thanks so much for a great podcast. I'm struggling with the select all feature in Safari. When ever I try It doesn't seem to work. When I Rota back to edits it doesn't offer me any options at all. I'm using an iPhone 4S with iOS 9.