An Introduction To Workflow For iOS: Powerful Automation Made Simple

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In this podcast, Alex Hall walks us through creating two workflows. The first is the tutorial the app will present to anyone who installs Workflow for the first time, and the second is a simple demonstration of just three of the many, many possible actions. This podcast is not a review of the app, or a look at everything it can do. Rather, it shows you how to work with the app as a VoiceOver user, so you can explore the app's potential with the confidence to put together your own workflows or modify ones you download.

Workflow For iOS: Powerful Automation Made Simple is a $2.99 download from the iTunes App Store.

Remember to visit Workflow's AppleVis page as well as Workflow's official homepage.

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#1 home screen

great app and great explanation to, Alex.
tell me, have you been able to Add a workflow to your home screen? I couldn't. Each time I try, Safari opens a page containing instructions on how to do so, which I already know, but no way to finalise. Might be a youth bug don't you think?