How To Enable FileVault Disk Encryption On Your Mac And How It Changes System Login For VoiceOver Users

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In this podcast, Katie demonstrates how to enable and disable the FileVault encryption feature available on Mac computers.

FileVault uses full disk encryption to help keep your data secure. However, once enabled, it does change the login process for those using VoiceOver, so Katie also demonstrates this so that you know what to expect and how to deal with it.

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#1 Nearly went into panic

Well, after updating to OS, and after going through the set up, I accidentally turned on filevault I really went into a panic while trying to log in. After doing a bit of research, I saw the podcast, and finally I managed to log in. Now I just have two wait for the encryption to finish, so I can turn it off ironic though, since this had already happened to me once. Guess next time, I will need to be paying more attention to avoid this. Lol.