Get Talking With Vorail for iOS

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In this podcast, Scott Davert introduces us to Vorail, a free social networking app for iOS.

Vorail has been described by its developer in a forum post on AppleVis as a “social app with dating functions”; whilst its App Store description calls it a “voice-only messaging community to ask, answer, and meet new folks”.

Vorail’s developer has engaged extensively with the AppleVis community and shown a significant commitment to ensuring that the app offers great VoiceOver support. This includes:

  • rotor action on home feed to connect with voices and people in different ways.
  • four button touch to change focus to tab.
  • magic tap on feeds skips to next person in home feed.
  • magic tap on IM screen first time starts recording, second magic tap ends and saves.
  • magic tap on record screen first time starts recording, second magic tap ends and saves.

Vorail is a free download from the iTunes App Store

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Muting someone

Does the mute feature work as in any of the other social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter? In other words, if I mute somebody will they be able to hear my questions and answers?


Yes. I believe works so.


App Developer

hi , mute erases that person from your feeds, inbox and likes. if others in the community also mute that person, she or he will likely leave Vorail (if nobody hears what i say, i will not receive replies, and not stick around). mute does not control what another person hears, but if enough folks like the feature to control who in the Vorail community hears my public ask-alls and public answers, we can add this feature.