AppleVis Extra #34: What’s new and Interesting in the Apple Store this Holiday Season

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In the first half of this edition of the AppleVis Extra, Jamie Pauls sits down with David Woodbridge, Scott Davert and Jeff Bishop to discuss the fourth-generation Apple TV. As an early-adopter of most new Apple Products, David is keen to share his experience and opinions of the Apple TV itself and some of the many Apple TV apps that he has already used.

For the second part of this show, Jamie is joined by Michael Hansen to talk about Michael’s recent opportunity to take a look at a number of Apple’s new products. These include the iPad Pro, the Magic Keyboard and the new Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock.

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#1 The XBox1

This comment is for David Woodbridge. In the podcast you mentioned that the AppleTV was the first console for your boys since you could not support them on the other consoles. With the newest firmware on the XBox1 you can now use narrator on it. You can use it to control all the settings and so forth. You can set yourself up as the main account and then create accounts for your boys to use where yu can control what they do. I have not played with it much yet but it does work. I turned it on briefly with my nephews XBox1. I am going to be getting my son one for Christmas because of this. The reason has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I want to use it. LOL. Have a good one and good job on the podcast as always.

Greg Wocher