Apple Watch 101: Playing And Controlling Music

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In this episode of his series of podcasts looking at the Apple Watch, David Woodbridge shows us what he has learned so far about music playback on the Watch. In addition to playing music directly on the Watch itself, David demonstrates how you can also control playback on other devices, such as a speaker or the connected iPhone.

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some observations

A few notes from my observations

1. When you have apple music on, the interface will be slightly different. You have a \"add to library\" button before the volume slider.
2. At least on the 42 inch apple watch I have which is an s2, , the play button is located in the middle of the screen.
3. For some reason the play button is dimmed after you pause. For a while. Note, I don't know how long. I managed to reenable the play button via a firce touch then a scrub back.
4. When force touching you have to touch the screen to get the shuffle button etc to show.
5. You don't need to touch the back button in order to go back. Simply scrub back to go back to the prior level in the music app./
6. I think in the new watch os you can now play music from the watch speaker itself even if your phone is out of range.

I hope that helps.

Hi, if i have my airPods

Hi, if i have my airPods connected to my watch So can I play my Apple music? I mean i want to play my phones music on the airPods When their are connected to the Apple Watch, so when i m on bus or etc i dont need to take my phone out to change the traks, And I can check the notifications on my watch on the same time