Beginners’ Guide to the iPhone: Exploring the ‘iTunes & App Store’ Section of the iOS Settings

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In this episode of his introductory series, Thomas Domville discusses and explores what’s available from within the ‘iTunes & App Store’ area of iOS Settings.

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#1 Background Updates

I believe there is an easier way to deal with an automatic background update breaking accessibility.

I have my devices auto update, but I do not update iTunes. Should an update prove to be problematic, the worst I have to deal with is deleting the app from my phone, and installing the working version from my iTunes library.

I only update my iTunes apps once I am certain a new update is working properly. Sure, uninstalling and reinstalling an app can be a pain, but it happens rarely. And, it is much less painful than waiting for a fix to a problem created by an update.

For the most part, I can "set it, and forget it." I have the latest updates, and I am protected from surprises at a level I can accept.