AppleVis Extra #32: John Panarese; Mac For The Blind; and Apple Certified Training

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In this edition of the AppleVis Extra, Scott and Alex sat down with John Panarese of, who is an Apple-certified OS X instructor. He told us all about how anyone, blind or sighted, can obtain this certification. The only limitation is that the test must be taken in person at an authorized training center; use this page to locate your nearest training center.

For more on Apple's certification and training programs, visit

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Thank you.

THanks for this great podcast. As this will be my final year of high school, I am looking into some kind of job related to support. This just gives me another option. I think I would just train mainstream instead of targeting specifically for VO users. Thanks for this. I hope it will help me at some point. It sounds like a very good investment when compared to other solutions like insanely expensive colleges/trade schools etc.