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31 December, 2019 Mostly Accessible
29 December, 2019 Fully Accessible
23 December, 2019 Mostly Accessible It is worth noting that VoiceOver does not automatically read the content of the window when it is updated with a new response from the AI. Also, the buttons at the top to bring up the menu and start a new game are not labeled and are being read using OCR. in addition, the menu itself is not not accessible at this time. No amount of flicking or exploring will land you on those elements. The app is still usable and as a game, it is quite playable.
20 December, 2019 Fully Accessible
12 December, 2019 Mostly Accessible İ did not find an accessibility problem,but i guess someone did. İ wanted to post about deezer,but i’m not good at links
11 December, 2019 Fully Accessible
11 December, 2019 Fully Accessible Awesome
11 December, 2019 Fully Accessible
10 December, 2019 Fully Accessible It works like magic!!!
10 December, 2019 Fully Accessible
9 December, 2019 Fully Accessible This app is quite easy to read and I was happy to give up my machine.
9 December, 2019 Fully Accessible Fabulous! Gives complete control to the consumer.
9 December, 2019 Partially Accessible Significant amount of unlabeled/badly labeled controls.
9 December, 2019 Fully Accessible Very clear sound and the best game for shuting monsters
5 December, 2019 Fully Accessible I love this game , this is my first MacBook and this is also the only game I have on it so this game is truly the best I can play for hours and the accessibility is very good
4 December, 2019 Fully Accessible
3 December, 2019 Fully Accessible most accessible app in the store, my favorite!
2 December, 2019 Mostly Accessible Disney + is a fantastic app, but there are just a few things that seem difficult. The main thing is that when something is playing, the controls for playback disappear very quickly. This makes it very hard to access buttons on the screen, as it takes longer to find these buttons using a screen reader. I find personally, that my apple watch comes in very helpful, as there are several buttons that can be accessed while a show is playing including a 10 second rewind, 10 second fast forward, and a play/pause button. ,a helpful suggestion for developers would be to either incorporate a hide/show controls button on the screen, similar to hulu, or just display the controls for 10 to 15 seconds at a time. For users with a watch, it may be easier to control your playback with the controls on the watch. However, every time you press the rewind or fast forward button, the screen reader will announce your playback position. To avoid this, you can turn the screen reader off, or just turn off speech output. Without a watch, I recommend learning the spacial layout of the screen, perhaps with the help of a sighted person, and then use the controls without voiceover.
1 December, 2019 Mostly Accessible
29 November, 2019 Fully Accessible
25 November, 2019 Mostly Accessible
24 November, 2019 Mostly Accessible The accessibility has improved since version 11.0, please check it out :)
24 November, 2019 Fully Accessible This game is so good and really addicting the accessibility is on point thabk you again for the opportunity to be in the contest I’m so honored to be the one who won the contest
18 November, 2019 Fully Accessible It's been about a year since I used the app, but I was very happy with it. It was totally accessible and I could prepare and submit my grocery order with a local store entirely independently. Awesome. The only reason I haven't used it more recently is I haven't had an urgent need lately for grocery delivery.
16 November, 2019 Fully Accessible Their maybe adds but you can skip passed them or purchase My fitness pal premium to remove them as mentioned it’s VoiceOver friendly