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26 May, 2020 Fully Accessible
24 May, 2020 Fully Accessible
18 May, 2020 Mostly Accessible
18 May, 2020 Fully Accessible
15 May, 2020 Mostly Accessible This application is mostly accessible, the parts that are not accessible as of yet is using the astroid field, and shutting down buildings.
11 May, 2020 Fully Accessible Very accessible, makes my life much easier and less stressful when taking my medications.
11 May, 2020 Fully Accessible This game seems to be very compatible with voiceover. I had absolutely no trouble getting around the screen
10 May, 2020 Fully Accessible Pretty good. I don't like that you can't even edit actions without paying, but the standard ones aren't bad.
10 May, 2020 Fully Accessible The most complete free podcast app.
9 May, 2020 Fully Accessible Very easy to use with VO. Can't wait to see what shows they add in the future.
6 May, 2020 Fully Accessible
2 May, 2020 Mostly Accessible Everything looks good except for the tap to beat function which I'm wating for.
30 April, 2020 Fully Accessible VoiceOver Rotor options allow users to take action on recorded files: Play/Pause/Stop/Record/Delete.
28 April, 2020 Mostly Accessible
26 April, 2020 Fully Accessible All things are working, and developper is very helpful, and trying to do his best
23 April, 2020 Fully Accessible
18 April, 2020 Fully Accessible I was privileged enough to be able to test this app, and I love how intuitive it is, let alone how good a job it does with text and images. Definitely awesome.
18 April, 2020 Fully Accessible Overall Supersense seems to be a really well put together app. The only thing where it may have problems is being overshadowed by other big well-known companies like Microsoft. A lot of the app’s features are so similar to the apps we're already using. Some may not want to make a switch to a new app. Where Super Read seems to really shine though, is with its guidance system and ease of use. the voice guidance seems to be a really great and intuitive feature to use. it gives you verbal directions for aligning your phone to the paper and tells you where you need to move your phone. that alone is a killer feature that is going to stand out for most. there is also the ease of use, and how it will auto detect what you are scanning, and that makes it simpler and faster to use. it means no stumbling around looking for just the right setting. but for me, the biggest thing is a combination of the guidance system and the ability to copy individual text blocks after a scan. Both of these features seem to be unique to super read and the main reason for me using it. I've found myself going to this app on several occasions over Seeing AI.
18 April, 2020 Fully Accessible When I first tried to use this app many years ago, I found the interface was not very good, and the only help I could find was a tutorial in Italian. The app has since been updated, and is now very easy to use, with help in English. I have easily been able to create three videos from three audio files plus one still image. I highly recommend this app.
16 April, 2020 Fully Accessible
13 April, 2020 Fully Accessible I had started to use this browzer and i like it. I think it's more comfptebal from Safari, Safari doesn't intuitive and more complicated. I think if Microsoft will add sound that indicates on loading page like in Safari it will be nice.
10 April, 2020 Fully Accessible this app works great. I successully did a video on Facebook Live with it. there's a new interface for F acebook Live which is accessible as well.
2 April, 2020 Partially Accessible I was not able to get past the signing up part because the next button would not activate upon a double tap.
1 April, 2020 Fully Accessible This might become one of my new favorite apps. Certainly it'll be tied with Seeing AI since it has real time reading.
1 April, 2020 Fully Accessible