Community Accessibility Ratings For PayPal: Mobile Cash

This page provides information on how members of the AppleVis community have rated the accessibility of this app.

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Name Date Accessibility Rating Accessibility Comments
13 August, 2018 Partially Accessible Not all info is read on the balance screen, The screen where you select the payment method is very hard to use and there is a button (done?) at the bottom which is completely inaccessible with voiceover. Braille screen input also doesn't work when sending a message. I think there is also info missing from the transactions screen, as voiceover doesn't say anything about where the payment came from e.g. credit card or paypal balance. I got a very unhelpful message back from Paypal when I reported these problems: Dear Robert Murray, The PayPal app doesn’t have an option to allow any voice over or braille options. This is because we are not able to get it to be compatible with the different software out there for braille and voice over control.  You can use these options on the full website, but just not with the app itself. (...) Best wishes, Cara Please if you use Paypal let them know about the problems their blind customers are having with the app.