The Life Simulator


Description of App: 

Life Simulator is a realistic life simulation game that is both fun and educational! Choose a starting life scenario and see if you can go from rags to riches! Start as an uneducated bum living on a park bench and end as a yacht driving CEO living in a mansion.

The game contains subtle lessons about financial investment, relationship, career, time management, and life philosophies. Life is a balancing act between health, happiness, mental sanity, and wealth constrained by our limited lifespan, you get to decide how you want to live your life. There are many ways to win!

Features includes:

- 15+ starting life scenarios (high school dropout, indebted college student, etc)

- 10+ unlockable perks

- Travel to 5 different countries

- Multiple achievable life goals

- Lease, buy and rent out 6 types of properties

- Buy a sports car, a private jet, a yacht and more

- Take a break, go camping, go to a concert, or go on an international vacation

- Meet, date, propose and marry partners with different personalities

- Have children and watch them grow to adulthood

- Earn degrees and learn life skills

- Spend time with family

- Get a job and climb your way to the top, or buy a car and drive for Uber

- Start a company, choose between a factory, software company, or a restaurant chain

- Produce YouTube videos, make apps, or release tracks as a DJ

- Choose the life of crime and work your way to a crime syndicate

- Treat your own illnesses or go see a doctor

- Eat unhealthy fast food or learn to cook and make healthier meals

- Save money, earn interest, or get bank loan

- Become a professional athlete and play basketball, football and baseball

- Invest your money and play the stock market

- Buy lottery tickets and pray for the jackpot

- Buy pets and feed them treats

- Check your weekly cash flow for a view of your finances

- More than 120 random events to make things interesting

Apple Watch Support: 

Not Known



Free or Paid: 

Free With In-App Purchase

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Accessibility Comments: 

This app has proven to be very accessible. I am not certain if there are different scenarios to choose from when first starting out. I started out as a high school dropout and my gender and name were randomized. Once you start out, you will find that there are buttons (more like tabs) at the bottom of the screen going from left to right which enable you to get to different screens such as profile (to see your general statistics and purchase items, real estate, and vehicles), education, work, etc. You will be able to see what your health is (good, alright, declining, etc) which varies with your age. However, one thing that I haven't figured out is how to see those exact numbers as you have both physical health and mental health/happiness. However, if you do end up tanking your health to an unsafe level, you will get a warning pop-up which alerts you that you are severely depressed and/or unhealthy and will be dead in five weeks if you don't do something about it. This generally happens if you pull all-nighters all the time, as has happened to me, but good vacations, staying at the hospital, and schmoozing with family has helped with this. Every action in the game will affect your health and/or happiness in some way, and the game will let you know +12 +10 (which I think means mental/physical health, in that order), but sometimes you only have one value listed, and I think it will take some mental deduction to figure out if it will be mental or physical health being affected. You will be able to see your relationship values with family members and lovers, and you can see the personality traits of lovers, such as abusive, bookworm, and career-driven, and you will know how those personality traits will affect you should you decide to date the person. When/if you decide to marry, the values will be doubled, for better or for worse.

From time to time, you will be presented with the opportunity to boost your work income for a year by watching ads, get two years younger by watching ads, or double what you earned (for being inactive) by watching ads. My understanding is that you can watch up to 25 ads per day for various bonuses, but you can also decline when asked, to save your ad for a better bonus. I have found that after watching the ad, I have to disable VoiceOver, touch the top portion of the screen for a bit, and I usually will be able to then see (once re-enabling VoiceOver) the thank-you message confirming I've watched the ad and letting me know my award.

The game has in-app purchases to allow you to unlock sandbox mode. One thing that I have noticed when using this mode is that the gender/sexuality are not read properly. I believe the defaults are male and straight, but if you double tap, it will switch to female and gay, respectively, but if you double tap again, it doesn't seem to switch back, or if it does, it doesn't read properly. Therefore, if you do decide to use Sandbox mode for a custom game, you will need to know what you'd like to be before you switch the gender/sexuality. Other values such as starting money are activated via sliders and work fine, as well as enabling or disabling perks. Traits (randomly one good and one bad aspect) seem to be randomly assigned. Perks (all good), are unlockable via in-app purchases and special additional perks earned via specific in-game achievements are also unlockable.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads most page elements.

Button Labeling: 

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.

Other Comments: 

This game is a turn-based life simulation game. For simplicity's sake, you play out January-December each year and each month is made up of four weeks or turns, and each action is going to take up a week, except for when making withdrawals/deposits from the bank and purchasing items like cars, real estate, etc. You can lead a life of crime, play the stock market, become a family man, win the World Series, and eradicate disease, among other ambitious (or nefarious) goals. I have only played this game once because the game will award you with different goodies each time, one of which is a youth elixir (+100 health and -10 years off your age) for playing daily, so I was able to extend my life out quite a bit. I also ended up making enough money to buy my own youth elixirs (they go up in price starting from 20,000,000 dollars and doubling with each subsequent purchase), making for a long and illustrious life.

There are many different achievements you can aim for, so it does offer some replay value if you like trying out different strategies. However, there isn't much of a story to it in the sense that random events are mainly things which will add or subtract money, health, and happiness. There are instances where you're able to make selections, such as when you go camping and encounter a bear, and from what I have learned, it usually means that 2/3 of the choices will lead to undesirable outcomes so you will need to try and pick the best option.

If you want to improve your life, you will need to rely on the Education and Work sections, as Education is where you can go to school but also learn skills such as street-smarts for decreasing the likelihood of getting caught when committing crimes, home chef to unlock better diet options, etc, and Work is also where you will go for side hustles, crime, and starting a business. You will need to manually work and use a turn to earn money, unless you have money in the bank, are a landlord, playing the stock market, or have other forms of passive income, in which case, you will be earning residual income.

This is a lot to digest so please feel free to ask any questions, and I will do my best to answer them as soon as possible.