Lyd - Watch Remote for Sonos

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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Description of App

Lyd for Sonos allows you to quickly control your playing music, change your radio station or to start a new playlist.

Siri can also intelligently recommend the speaker you want to control to you. You need to use the Siri Watch Face for this.

All features:
• Play/Pause and Skip for current music
• Change the volume of Sonos groups (rooms)
• Add or remove speakers from a group
• Start playlists and radio stations
• Use multiple Sonos households
• Automatic detection of your Sonos speakers
• VoiceOver support
• Control the volume of ever speaker in a group
• The main menu shows which rooms are playing
• Siri Watch Face integration
• Apple Watch complications are available

Lyd [ly:d] is Norwegian and translates to "sound" in English

Warning: Lyd only works if you have an Apple Watch (watchOS 4 or newer). A Sonos system is mandatory.
You cannot control other wireless speakers than Sonos.

Sonos is a Trademark of Sonos Inc.
This is not an official Sonos App.



Free or Paid


watchOS Version


Accessibility Comments

Like the description would suggest, VoiceOver works great with this app.


Fully Accessible

Other Comments

To use the app you have to start by opening it on your phone and signing into your Sonos account. Then you can use the Watch app to control playback.


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