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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Description of App

Use your remote control for hit the ball. Players move automatically, so you must only use your apple tv remote control as a racket.
You can partecipate in about 10 tournaments with several opponents, more you win more credits you receive and you should use it to improve your capabilities (run, winners, service, etc)

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Accessibility Comments

Although this app is not completly accessible, you can play! You should only remember to turn the rotor to "direct touch" before launching the app. Then you have the "play button", where you can select the place where you play (club, urban, Park, Rome, Tokyo, Wimbledon). After you choose one of these, you will listen a player name, that will be your opponent. If you click the remote control the game will start, if you swipe down, in some circumstances you can partecipate to the tournament.

When you play, use your remote control as your racket. The first levels are quite slow, but don't worry, it will change soon.
You can make most tennis shots!

After you win some matches you must purchase some new abilities with the coins you earned during game.
You can do it in the "upgrades screen".
Unfortunately there are 5 unlabelled buttons.
I need a sight person that explain me the meaning of these buttons, but I learned that the first is the most important because you will increase winners and speed.

Other problem is that you can't know the amount of coins you have, so you should try to purchase new abilites randomly.


Mostly Accessible

Other Comments

I searched a tennis game for years. This is for now the most accessible and nice I found! It is not perfect, should we try to write to developers?

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