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Wifi Cheetah is a tool that allows you to speed up your wifi's connection. This is done by blocking annoying ads, removing unnecessary banners/unnec areas, and channeling it through their servers rather than the main one.

Wifi Cheetah is free to download from the app store. GET

Taking a United States road trip with a sighted driver using your iPHONE, you can become a full partner in the experience.

My husband and I are again driving from California to Indiana on our seventh cross-country road trip, which gives me the necessary experience to share some tips.

Follow these steps to connect your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to a wireless network.

These quick troubleshooting notes are intended to help with situations where an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch has lost Internet connectivity for no apparent reason. This loss of Internet access can be especially disconcerting with Wi-Fi-only models of the iPad or the iPod Touch, where no alternative means of access like 3G or Edge are available. Please feel free to contact me with any feedback.

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This guide will focus on completing the task of transferring a file via Wi-Fi from your Mac or PC to your iOS device, from one iOS device to another, and vice versa. The actions which can be carried out with the transferred file will also be discussed.