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The notification center is the place where you can find various notifications and updates corresponding to different installed , apps such as mail, message, news updates missed calls etc. It also displays some widgets through which it informs about the calendar events, weather conditions and stock market etc, that keep you updated for the events for the current day and also provides a glance of the next day. These widgets can also be customized, depending upon the fact that whether the desired app support widget functionality. The notification center gives you brief information about all the activities that you have configured the device for. It also allows you to communicate or to act upon a particular app.

The notification center basically contains two pages, that could be activated by double tapping the corresponding button, that’s either today button or the notification button. The page corresponding to the today button provides information about the current day and the next day, through the widgets from the related installed apps. the page corresponding to the notifications provides information about notifications received from the installed apps.

How to open Notification Center:

To open the notification center, first, take your cursor on the status bar, by highlighting any status bar item. When your cursor is on any item of the status bar, you can hear voiceover saying, “swipe down with three fingers to reveal the notification center and swipe up with three fingers to reveal the control center.”. Now, swipe down with three fingers to open notification center.

The notification center is divided into several regions of equal width. Lets traverse it one by one from top to bottom. For that firstly find any item on the status bar and start swiping right. As the battery status item is the last item in the status bar, swiping right at this moment will take you to the first region of the notification center. The first region contains two buttons, the today button and the notification button. The length of this region is equal to that of the status bar. Of these, the today button is activated by default You can activate desired button by double tapping on it. Assuming that the today button is activated, swiping right from the notification button, would take you to the next region, which is approximately half inch long and displays the day, date and the weather condition of your surroundings, if your weather app is active.

Now, moving further, the next region is the widget region in which various widgets are displayed one over another and size of each widget region is approximately same and length is around one and a half inch. All the widget region is marked with the heading naming the name of the widget.

By default, you will find the calendar widget, that would show if you have any event scheduled for the day. Scheduling the events using calendar app is described later.

This region is followed by stocks widget. Here information related to the stock market is shown. It displays the stock price of different companies with positive or negative indicators, You can customize the companies shown in this region from the stocks app.

The next region displays the events scheduled for the next day, depending upon the events saved in the calendar app.

The last item on this page is, the edit button. You will use it if you want to customize, add or remove the widgets from the notification center.

Now, go back to the top of the notification center page and double tap on the notification button, located next to the today button.

Once the notification is activated, the notification center screen would display all the notifications received so far, grouped according to the alphabetical order of the respective app. All the notification group regions are marked with the heading naming the respective app.

Assuming that your cursor is on the notification button, swiping right would take you to the first notification group region, marked up with the name of the corresponding app as heading. Swiping right again would take you to the clear section button, double tapping on this button would clear the notifications of the related app. You can now read the notifications by swiping right or left and double tapping to open the related app. The size of a notification group region is dependent upon the number of notifications in it. All the notification alerts are same in size with length of around half inch and width equal to that of the screen.

In this manner the notification center notifies you about all the information, that you have configured your device to deliver.

Some points to conclude:

1. Notification contains brief information related to the installed app.

2. Notifications are flashed on the top of the screen, over the status bar, for a small time. Making a distinct sound for a particular app.

3. Voiceover automatically reads out the notifications soon it is flashed. You can allow or restrict an app to send notifications

4. You can access notification center on the lock screen also.

5. The widgets and notifications related to a particular app is marked up as headings. So, you can use rotor to jump on different widgets or notification group inside the notification center. You can also use rotor to view events scheduled for that day.

So, thats how the notification center looks like. If you have doubts and want to know more, just get in touch.

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